How To Crop A Zip Up Jacket

Video How to cut a zip jacket upSo cropped jackets are very suitable. If you’ve been in H&M or Target lately, you’ll find that everything is literally cropped up for fall/winter 2018. I’ve been eyeing this style with the idea that most of you can easily Easily make these rough-edged tailoring pieces yourself. not sure when i will try this project until i get this dress. This pretty floral maxi dress is freaking cute but I’m messing around with the sleeves. They weren’t long enough to stay warm, which meant I needed to put on a coat to keep warm. BUT most of my coats are long enough to reach the hips – not too loose on the dress. SO, ding ding ding ding! It’s time to make this cropped jacket yourself. Read more: How to start borderlands 2 dlcHomemade cropped jacket for fall Idaho Boise woman standing in fallen bushes

  • Wear clothes: c/o Blue Bird Boutique (closed), find an almost identical store here on Amazon.
  • A pair of shoes: (not pictured) Save, $6.99
  • Coat: Save, $5.99

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Cropped Jacket DIY:

Pardon my horrible drawing, your girl completely forgot to take a ‘before’ photo. I have let you down, forgive me!Fashionable autumn boise idaho DIY jacket cutRead more: how to create pie chart in illustrator1. Find a great jacket to cut: I thrived on this green military style jacket for about $6 at our local Goodwill, you don’t have to spend a lot of money! Your jacket should be a sturdy fabric, with no loose weaves (unless you want to hem the shirt instead of leaving the edge of the fabric intact). You also want to make sure that your jacket doesn’t have pockets that you’ll have to cut through when cutting it, that the pockets should fall on the hips or on the inside of the jacket so they won’t be visible, even after cutting.2. Measure where you want to cut your jacket: Try and avoid nodes, sometimes it’s best to make your clipping tree a little longer or shorter, to avoid having to cut directly through a node (I mean, if you can do that!), Or remove it.3. Finish your jacket: You can do this by washing it to slightly fray the edges, or if you are using a jacket with very loose weave, you may want to simply flip it over. Read more: NirCmd: Controlling Windows at the Command Line

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