How To Cover A Doorway Without Door

Sometimes, in your house there are doorways without doors but want to separate two rooms or divide a large room into two small spaces. In this case, you do not need to install a traditional door if you do not like these conventional solutions or do not want to take up too much space. They will help you decorate your home and at the same time increase privacy. Some alternatives are only temporary and you can change them over time to refresh the interior of your home without spending a lot of money. See together. Read: how to cover a doorway without a door

How to cover a doorway without a door


1. Curtains

Many people avoid installing doors inside their homes and opt for some more elegant and sophisticated solutions. Curtains are an inexpensive and convenient option because you can change them often. That way, you’ll get a whole new interior every time you hang a new curtain. Alternatively, you can use a different design for each season or special occasion to separate a particular space. Use curtains to add some color to the space or cover up an old doorway. In addition, curtains are useful for new mothers who need privacy but want to monitor their baby at the same time. On the other hand, it’s not the best idea if you have an extended family and need some privacy in your room. Remember that you need a thick curtain for office use, but just buying thin curtains for your home is enough. Installation is not complicated, except you need to hang the hardware above the door frame. That makes this option practical for everyone. Choose the desired fabric and pattern according to your style and slide it open or closed whenever you decide to limit visibility. There is also an option to use insulated curtains for additional sound reduction.

2. Bookcase

If you want to avoid installing a door between the dining room and the living room, you can separate them with an elegant bookcase. That way, you’ll make your doorway a useful and unique place. At the same time, you will keep the existing clearance so that the door can be installed whenever needed. You can place the bookcase in front of the room door or go one step ahead, add hinges to the side and turn it into a door.

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3. Roman shades

Roman shadesIn most cases, you will use Roman shades to cover your windows. However, you can install them on your doorstep instead of the door. You can find lovely models made of bamboo or decorative fabric, in fact this is a great solution as you can slide down whenever you want some privacy or up when needed. . Another option is to hang this visor on a transparent glass door for more privacy. So you can pick out the shade that perfectly suits your doorway. Also, you won’t have any maintenance problems as you can wash most of them in the washing machine.

4. Shoji Sliding Door

Shoji Sliding DoorRead more: instant google shutdown If you love the Japanese way of life, you can take their tradition and install a Shoji sliding door between two rooms. It will provide enough privacy, beautify your space and let some light inside. Because they are made of rice paper, these doors are very light and you can easily slide in and out when needed.

5. The barn door

barn doorIt is a great alternative for you if you are the type of person who wants to avoid traditional hinged doors. In addition, this sliding door will save a lot of space, which is essential if you have a small room, if you choose a similar pattern with the wall color, the whole space will become elegant and beautiful. . Get creative and decorate and paint the barn door to your taste, including folk art. The advantage of this option is that installation is not complicated. So, pick it up and take advantage of its rustic and versatile decor.

6. Accordion style divider

Accordion style dividerIt’s a great idea for a doorway without a door. Place an elegant accordion-style divider between the rooms you want to separate. It’s up to your preference to install one or choose a portable option.

7. Folding screen

Folding screenIn my opinion, the best way might be to cover the doorway with no door, especially if you live in an apartment with an open pan. It is also a great choice for your oversized living room. Place the large folding screen in the center and place a table with a vase of flowers beside it to beautify your space. about your style and the design of your home. You can also choose a specific pattern, color, and size. Note that you need a large model to appropriately cover the average doorway. The advantage of this solution is mobility. That means you can move your portable cover whenever needed. Plus, you can fold it up when you don’t need to cover the entire doorway or just use it occasionally depending on your needs. Use some old shutters or even windows, add new or replacement hinges, and arrange your own pattern.

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8. Chain Beads

BeadsThis was the most popular method in the 70’s and 80’s. However, many people still prefer this doorless doorway option. Since there are different types of beads, you can choose the shape and color that best suits your interior. The downside of this door visor is the lack of privacy it can provide. Beads are usually transparent and have no soundproofing effect, on the contrary, stylish beads will beautify your space without costing more. Use this cover to separate your living or dining area, but avoid hanging it in your bathroom.

9. Glitter tassels

Read more: how to get a grade in organic chemistry 2Glitter tasselsGlitter tassels are a stylish and space-saving alternative to entry doors. Buy them at your local store and hang them on your doorstep. It’s an elegant way to spruce up your space and get some privacy when needed.

Unexpected solution

10. Saloon-style revolving door

Saloon-style revolving doorBring the atmosphere of a quaint Western bar into your home and install a pub-style door to separate your space. This model will provide some privacy and ensure enough light.

11. Wooden wall

Wooden wallThere is a really unique idea to use as an alternative to the door. This stand-alone wall installation will match almost any design and look good and stylish in most homes. Place this wall between the rooms you want to separate to obscure the view and create two doorways on either side at the same time.

12. Carpet

CarpetWhen you want to add some different colors and textures to your home but despise the curtains, you can go unconventional and hang a rug over the doors. It will reduce the sound emitted from other rooms and bring quality and sophistication into the home design.

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13. Rope

RopeWhen you want to divide up a large space without installing doors, you can use some rope as a stylish yet inexpensive solution. Make your own rope curtain, add a coffee table with little decorations on it and add some plants around. That way, you’ll create some sort of frill in an open concept living room.

14. Blankets or linoleum

Blanket or linoleumPicking up old handmade quilts will cause unexpected effects. Another option is a painted canvas that will add an artistic touch to the entire interior. When you frame it with trim or molding, you get a real work of art that everyone will enjoy.

15. Textiles

DocumentIn fact, any hanging fabric can replace the door when you don’t need absolute privacy and silence in the room. Choose an elegant, colorful handcrafted piece to add a little more personality to your home than any other door type can provide.

16. A doorway without a door

The doorway has no doorIn some cases, leaving the passageway without doors is the best option possible. Choose the arch of the desired shape and frame it with wooden or plaster ornaments. That way, you get the illusion of a room that’s bright and has plenty of additional space.


Most people prefer to use curtains instead of doors after they decide to get rid of it for various reasons. However, there are many other options you can consider to make your home stylish and cozy. Choose one of them based on your taste and style, but always keep their cost in mind. Some of the solutions offered are free, but you need to pay a lot for others, especially if they require installation. Read more: How to create a tetrahedron | Top Q&A

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