How To Copy Base Layout Clash Of Clans

Video How to copy base clash of clans layout Clash of clans game mainly depends on 2 basic factors. Best attack skills and best base layout. You very often find that your friend has a better base layout than you. And you think if I could directly copy his base layout with no effort, you could do it by following some simple steps. After copying the clash of clans base layout, you can modify it yourself a bit and then apply it to the main village. You can create your own base layout. It can be more effective and powerful against the enemy. If you don’t want to create your own base layout, you can visit the rest of my blog and simply select a base and copy it by clicking the link below. Read: how to copy clash of clans base layout to rescue how to get out of talmberg | TOP QUESTIONS & CURRENCY OF CLANS BASE Layout TH11

Conditions for copying the base layout

The only and only condition is that you must be a friend of that player or that person has been in the same clan for at least 24 hours. Then you can easily copy his clash of clans base layout.

Steps to copy base layout

  • Visit his or her base layout by clicking on his or her player id whose base you want to copy.
  • The player must be a town taller than you or shorter than you. It would be best if both were on the same town level.
  • After accessing that facility, you will see an option in the top right corner of the screen. (Called copy base)
  • click it
  • then, if necessary, modify the base layout and then save it
  • now apply the copied base layout to use it.
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