How To Copy And Paste On Instagram Comments

By default, the Instagram app – both on Android and iOS – doesn’t let you copy the caption of an IG post. It also doesn’t give you the option to copy comments, but well, with a little trick and the magic of OCR technology, you can easily copy Instagram captions or comments pretty quickly. Next, you can paste your caption or comment just like you normally would.Related: Bad photo Instagram scam: What it is and how to avoid it

How to copy Instagram captions or comments


Here are different methods to copy Instagram comments and captions on your mobile.

Method 1: Use the browser app on your phone

Whether you’re looking to copy Instagram comments or captions, you can use a browser app like Chrome on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone (and tablet). All you need to do is open the post or comment on your Instagram app first, tap the 3-dot menu button on the top right, then tap ‘Copy link’ (as shown in screenshot below).Then, open the Chrome app on your phone and tap the address bar. Paste the link there. You can click the ‘Link you copied’ button (if you see it), otherwise tap and hold in the address bar, then tap ‘Paste’. Click the arrow button on the keyboard in the lower right corner to load the URL.Open link in Chrome browserInstagram posts will upload in Chrome. Click the more button on the caption to show all. Tap and hold any text in the caption to select copied instagram caption 2Now expand the selection using the two buttons at the top and bottom of the selected text (as shown in the screenshot below) copy caption instagramTap ‘Copy’ in the little pop-up bar once you’ve selected the desired text. It has now been copied to your device’s memory. You just need to paste it into your new post on the Instagram app. For comments, open the post as this trick won’t work because even on Chrome browser Instagram doesn’t allow you to copy the comment’s text. Therefore, use one of the two methods below (#2 and #2) to copy Instagram comments on your phone.

Method 2: Use Desktop page mode in Chrome on your phone

So while we can’t replicate the comment on the mobile web version that we used to copy the comment above, what we can do is tell Chrome to open Instagram in desktop mode. desktop to get rid of the mobile version and load that site. will load in the desktop browser on the PC. We can now copy and paste comments on our phones without a PC. Let’s discuss how to do this. To copy subtitles using the ‘Desktop Site’ option, first copy the post’s link in the Instagram app, then open it in your phone’s Chrome browser, as given in method #1 above. Next, tap the 3-dot menu button in the top right corner on your phone and tap ‘Desktop Websites’ desktop siteAllow Chrome to load Instagram posts in desktop mode You will now be able to select the text not only of the caption but also of the comment. Tap a post to open it. because the text is small, you can pinch to zoom to enlarge the text. Tap and hold on a word to select it. You will now have selection buttons. Expand the selected subtitle text to select all the text you need. Once selected, tap ‘Copy’ to copy your phone’s clipboard. You can now paste it into the Instagram app in a new post. Touch and hold the text field first, then tap ‘Paste’ to paste it into your post. Read more: Waitcopy Instagram caption on phoneSimilarly, to duplicate a comment, after clicking on the post to open it, scroll down to the post’s text to show all the comments. Find the comment you want to copy. Tap and hold on any word, then expand the selection to all the comment’s text, then tap ‘Copy’. The text of the comment will be copied to your device’s clipboard and you can now paste it. See instructions below on how to paste text into a new comment.copy Instagram comments on phone

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Method 3: Use a desktop browser on your PC

Thankfully, Instagram Web does not impose such restrictions on users, which means you can copy captions and comments from your favorite Insta posts. To do so, simply visit the official Instagram page on your PC in a browser app like Chrome or Safari, select a post or comment, highlight the section you want to copy and tap ‘Copy.’ Here’s a screenshot of Instagram captioning on your PC.copy Instagram captions on PCHere is a screenshot of copying Instagram comments on your PC.copy Instagram captions on PC

Method 4: Use OCR app on your phone

If you feel particularly adventurous, try trading with OCR technology to get the results you want. The process may not be as simple as opening Instagram Web, but the results are well worth it. Optional: We’ll scan this screenshot to copy its text. Therefore, you should increase the font size on your phone so that the text is larger in the screenshot and easy to scan.Step 1: Open your Instagram app. Go to the IG post where you want to copy the caption. Or, open the comment you want to copy.Step 2: Go one Screenshots of the screen showing the comment or comment you want to copy.Step 3: Open the Google Photos app.Download Google Photos: Android | iOSStep 4: In the Google Photos app, tap the screenshot you just took above to open the app. Comments or comments must be displayed.Step 5: Now let’s search Google Lens button in the bottom row. Tap it to call Google’s AI to work. The application will highlight all the text that you can select in just a few google lens buttonStep 6: Google will highlight all the text from the image for you that you can choose to copy. Read more: How to be more manly in a is markedStep 7: Select the text you want to copy. You can scroll up and down to see all available text to choose from. So scroll up to see the caption, then tap and hold to select any text of the caption. Now adjust the markers to select all the text you need. Once you’ve selected the text, tap Copy text button.Copy Instagram captions in Google PhotosTip: Tap the Translate button to translate the selected text. Or tap the Search button to directly search for it on Google.Alternative apps to copy text?We are using the Google Photos app to copy text from the images in this tutorial. You can use any app that can do this if you don’t have the Google Photos app or if you don’t want to install it. An alternative to scanning text from images is Adobe Scan which can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.

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Method 5: Using the OCR website on PC

If you find scanning screenshots with Google Photos or Adobe Scan too much, then you can use a website called This way you don’t need to install an app to copy subtitle text.copy caption on InstagramOn that website, you can simply upload your screenshot (copy the file from your phone to your PC first) and it will extract the caption text from the screenshot for you. You can copy this text and paste it into your IG post.

How to paste a caption or comment on the Instagram app

Once you have copied the caption or comment as stated above, you can easily paste it using the paste option on your device when creating a new post on your IG or when adding a new comment .

How to paste captions

Open your Instagram app. Click the + button to create a new post. Take or select a photo to go with, apply any effect, then tap Next in the top right corner. Now, to paste a caption, just tap and hold in the ‘Write caption’ field, then select ‘Paste’ from the popup. Your copied comments will appear there. Click ‘Share’ to post a new post on your caption stickers on instagramWhether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, OnePlus, or any other Android phone or tablet, this method should work.

How to paste comments

Open your Instagram app. Go to any IG post where you’d like to leave your comment. Press and hold the ‘Add comment…’ field and then select ‘Paste’. Click ‘Post’ to share the paste a comment on instagramRELATED:Read more: how to take screenshots on nexus 5 | Top Q&A

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