How To Control Weeds In Asparagus Patch

To kill weeds in asparagus beds, apply salt or herbicide in the spring or fall, when the asparagus is dormant. To prevent new weeds from sprouting, use a pre-emergence herbicide such as Preen or Corn Gluten Meal in the spring. Backfill the asparagus bed with 3-4 inch mulch to prevent weeds. Don’t worry, your asparagus tips will shoot through the mulch.Read: how to control weeds in asparagus patch

How to kill weeds in asparagus patches


It may seem like a daunting task to recover overgrown patches of asparagus, but there are several tried and true methods for killing asparagus weeds and maintaining a healthy bed of asparagus.

Salted Asparagus Bed

Salting the beds of asparagus is a natural tactic to kill weeds and prevent their return. Asparagus is very salt tolerant and can grow in soils with higher salinity than most plants (including weeds). One trick for growing asparagus is to plant seaweed as a winter fertilizer and groundcover — it introduces both salts and nutrients into the soil as it decomposes. effective., Whether it’s rock salt, table salt or sea salt, it all works. Apply up to 1 pound of salt each year per 10-foot row of asparagus. Remember, too much salt can eventually harm asparagus. If the ground is compacted and shows white salt streaks as it dries, you should stop salting the ground for a year or two. Like the weeds you’re trying to kill, other garden plants don’t tolerate salt well. If there is a risk of runoff affecting the desired grass or other plants, limit the use of salt.

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Remove weeds manually

Weeding by hand can be laborious and time consuming. The good news is that you can add several tools to your arsenal to make this tactic faster and more efficient. , the dead tree back to the top. During this dormant period, you can manually remove weeds by hoeing to a depth of 3-4 inches or even by carefully tilling the soil at this depth. This is much faster than weeding by hand.

Asparagus coating

Asparagus beds are one of the absolute best places to use mulch. You can spread a thick layer of mulch (anything from 3 inches to 6 inches) and your asparagus will pierce the mulch in the spring. At the same time, this mulch will keep the soil moist, maintain a healthy soil temperature, and prevent weeds from taking root. A simple way to suppress weeds.Young asparagus plants sprout through the ground, no weeds

Herbicide for asparagus

Emerging weed killers

Because asparagus is a perennial with a long dormant period and dies back to the “top”, a few inches below the topsoil, it has a chance to use a powerful weed killer without harming the plant. your asparagus plant. We recommend spraying a Glyphosate-based herbicide over the entire bed, such as RoundUp, at this time. Alternatively, you can use a vinegar-based natural herbicide. The best time to use herbicides on asparagus beds is in the spring before the asparagus sprouts or in the fall, after the fern has died back and has been removed. During this time, you can use a weed killer on your asparagus beds without harming the asparagus itself!

Weed killer before arrival

Do you know what’s better than killing weeds in your asparagus beds? Stop them before they start. In the spring, before your asparagus sprouts, apply a pre-sprout weed killer. You can use pre-plant prep chemicals or apply a Corn Gluten Meal, a natural byproduct of corn that dries out weed seedlings. Either of these measures will prevent weeds from growing without harming your asparagus plant. soil. After fertilizing, rake the mulch back into place. Can you use Preen in asparagus beds? It targets weed seedlings and kills them before they germinate, but will not harm your mature asparagus plants. Make sure to apply Preen in early spring. It will not kill any weeds that have sprouted but will keep new ones from sprouting. When applied early, using Preen in asparagus beds is a very good choice for weed control. If you spray a bed of asparagus with an actively growing spear or fern, you will kill the asparagus along with the weeds. However, you can apply RoundUp to your asparagus bed in the spring (before you spray it). sprouted asparagus) or in the fall (after the asparagus has dropped the asparagus fern). Chances are you still have weeds actively growing in your asparagus beds at these times of year. Spray them with RoundUp while your asparagus is dormant and you’ll kill the weeds without harming your asparagus.

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Weed control for asparagus

Weed control of asparagus can be accomplished through a number of methods: salting, hand weeding, hoeing, tilling, herbicides, and even pre-emergence herbicides. The key to these methods is to attack weeds during the dormant period between fall and spring, when the asparagus is dormant, with the living “crown” sleeping 6-8 inches below the topsoil. At this point, you can kill weeds and renovate even overgrown asparagus beds. your garden. Read more: how to get out of the swallow’s cage

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