How To Connect Canon Mp495 Printer To Wifi

WPS . connection method

Before we begin, there are several conditions that must be met in order to use the WPS push button method:

  • The access point must have a physical WPS push button available. Please check your device manual for details. If the WPS push button is not available, please use the instructions in the Standard Connection Method section.
  • Your network must be using the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 security protocol. Most access points that support WPS use this protocol.

Step 1Read: How to connect canon mp495 printer to wifi Make sure the printer is turned on, if power on, the LED (Light Emitting Diode) will light up as shown below.1. Press and hold [Maintenance] button (A) on the printer for about 5 seconds.Wi-Fi Setup Guide PIXMA MP4952. Make sure that the LED will burn as shown in the illustration below.Wi-Fi Setup Guide PIXMA MP495Step 21. Press the button [Fit to Page] button (A).Wi-Fi Setup Guide PIXMA MP495Read more: after plucking eyebrows how to reduce swelling and redness2. Make sure that the LED will ash as shown in the illustration above, then press the . button [WPS] on your access point within 2 minutes For exact details on pressing the WPS button, please refer to the access point user manual. The Wi-Fi light (blue) on the printer turns off while searching for or connecting to an access point. 3. When the wireless connection is complete, the LED lights up for about 3 seconds, then changes to “1” as shown in the illustration below. Make sure that the Wi-Fi light (blue) on the printer is also on.Wi-Fi Setup Guide PIXMA MP495If any of the following error codes are displayed on the LED (flashes alternately between the letter “E” and then the “Number” followed by another “Number”), please press [Black] or [Colour] to remove the error, then repeat steps 1 and 2. Specific error details:Error E, 2, 1.Wi-Fi Setup Guide PIXMA MP495This error appears when the wireless connection establishment is not completed within 2 minutes after pressing the WPS button.

  • Is the hotspot enabled? If the access point is already on, turn it off and then back on.
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Error E, 2, 3.Wi-Fi Setup Guide PIXMA MP495Read more: how to wash new age hats | Top Q & AT This error occurs when multiple WPS access points are detected. Please wait for a while, then check the WPS settings again. If you have multiple access points, press the . button [WPS] on only one access point.

Confirm network settings

To confirm that your printer is successfully connected to the wireless network, you can print out the printer’s network settings: 1. Make sure your printer is turned on. Load a sheet of A4 or Letter size plain paper. 3. Press the button [Maintenance] button (A) continuously until LED shows Wi-Fi Setup Guide PIXMA MP495.Wi-Fi Setup Guide PIXMA MP4954. Press the button [Colour] or button [Black] When it comes to the printout, check that “Link Status” says “Active” and that the SSID – Service Group Identifier (your wireless network name) indicates the correct name of the wireless network. your. .Continue to install the software to get the most out of your PIXMA MP495. Following this guide, please contact us for further assistance. Read more: how long does it take to backup iphone | Top Q&A

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