How To Connect Bose Soundlink Mini To Tv

If you just bought a new TV recently (after years with an old TV), you might be horrified to find that modern TVs have terrible built-in sound. I’m guessing there’s some sort of industry-wide assumption that you’ve got a killer audio device to hook up that fancy new TV, but if not, you’re probably looking for a way to reuse Bluetooth (or similar). ) speakers you already own as speakers for your TV. Hey, at least you’ll be using something you already own instead of running out and buying a full-fledged sound bar (probably with a separate subwoofer to find space in your possibly small living room) . Read: how to connect the bose soundlink mini to the Bose SoundLink Mini, however, I had a Bose SoundLink Mini that didn’t quite sit around but didn’t do much when I was watching TV, so I gave it a second job with the additional RCA Y cable. The cable has a 3.5mm audio jack on one end and two larger plugs (white and red) on the other end. I use a cheap Y-cable, but if you’re feeling fancy, they actually do a gilded version that still costs less than a sandwich in most cities. (Just make sure your cable is long enough.)Full list of what you need to set up like mine:

  • Bose SoundLink Mini speaker (but any speaker with an AUX port will work)
  • 6′ stereo 3.5mm to RCA cable like this
  • a TV with available RCA audio out (this is my exact Vizio 4k 55″ TV, it’s beautiful and I love it)

A simple guide to using a Bluetooth speaker as a sound bar for your TV

Step 1: Find a good spot for your speaker and its charging dock

Read more: A call to everyone: Please stop mispronouncing “Pokémon.” I put my Bose Mini right in front of the Vizio TV. My TV is raised by a small leg, so there’s a bit of space below the screen for my SoundLink to sit. If your TV is not enhanced, you may have to get creative. However, try to keep it centered in relation to the TV for best results.audio_out_TVSet it up electrically, on a stand, or plug it directly into the speaker. (I didn’t run out of battery when using it as a TV sound bar.)

Step 2: Connect it to your TV with RCA Y-cable

My 2015 vintage Vizio TV has a few RCA ports on the back. Plug the red/white RCA leads into those ports.rca_y_cable_to_bose_speakerPlug the 3.5mm jack into the side of the SoundLink Mini. Read more: how to keep a shirt in place with a hangerbose_mini_on_aux

Step 3: Turn on SoundLink Mini and put it in AUX mode.

Easy.How to use Bose SoundLink Mini as a sound bar for your TV

Step 4: Turn the TV’s own sound to zero so you don’t get any sound from the TV speakers

Your TV will probably output sound from both its own speakers and the external speakers you just hooked up. Just turn down the TV’s native volume to zero. Your TV might be fancy enough to know that it’s outputting to external speakers and not creating an overlap, but in any case, this fix worked for with two TVs that I used this Mini with now.

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Step 5: Enjoy!

There’s only one big downside to this setup, and that’s likely you don’t have a remote for your speakers. This doesn’t bother me also a lot, since my apartment is small and the speakers aren’t that far away and I tend to have the volume adjusted quite rarely, but it’s something to keep in mind. I’ve done this exact setup with two TVs today (the 2013 Sharp era and one 2015’s Vizio) and it’s great not having to waste money on a dedicated stereo when my other speakers don’t. i just sit around doing nothing while i’m watching tv. Read more: how to make a speed bag

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