How To Connect A Wii To A Computer Monitor

Wii is connected to a computer monitorI’m not generally a fan of video games, but a few years ago a friend showed me how to “play” on his Nintendo Wii and I thought it was fun, so I decided to play it. was about to buy myself a used Wii on Craigslist (very deal!). At the time, I only had one TV in my living room, and I decided I didn’t really want to put the system there.Note: I’m referring to the original Wii, not the Wii U. Read: how to connect the wii to a computer monitor I remember I had an old flat screen computer monitor that I used to use when working on the computer to desk, and figured I just had to connect the Wii to that one in my basement… Ha! It didn’t take long to realize that it was easier said than done. For one thing, Nintendo makes it clear that they don’t think you should connect the Wii to a computer monitor, and so their “Help” page about it isn’t very, um, very helpful. Sorry, Nintendo… I’m still undeterred! However, I ran into challenges with both video and audio before finding a solution that worked for me. Look… It’s not pretty isn’t it?How to connect Nintendo Wii to a computer monitorWell, let’s pull this back a bit, shall we…? Read more: how to get rid of caterpillarsHow to connect Nintendo Wii to a computer monitorOkay, it’s a bit messy. But I think if I struggle to do this, maybe others will. And I’ve really been meaning to write this post for years but, you know… Anyway, here’s how I put the system together. It depends a lot on the different devices I have, so if you’re trying to use the Wii with your own computer monitor, it might not work for you, or you might just use one. the part number of the solution.

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The Wii I bought came with a cable with standard composite output plugs (yellow, red, white), although you can also buy component (red, green) and S-video (round with pins) cables ) for it. Unfortunately my monitor, Samsung Syncmaster 173P, only has VGA and DVI input, I couldn’t find any kind of adapter that would make it possible for me to use the DVI input, but I was able to. got a variant of this RCA-to-VGA converter to work (I can’t find the exact adapter online anymore). You connect the yellow plug from the Wii cable to the yellow jack on the adapter and use the VGA cable to connect the output port on the side of the adapter to the VGA input on the monitor.Note:

  • The adapter also has an S-video input, so if you have that cable for your Wii, you can use that too. It also has a VGA input so you can still connect your computer to a monitor without having to disconnect the Wii. Like TVs, the converter has an Input button that makes it easy to switch between inputs.
  • The adapter has more buttons, including those that allow you to change the resolution and color/contrast etc to make the image look the best it can be.
  • When I started writing the post, I looked back to see if there was a newer, easier option than this. I found a new cable specifically marketed for connecting a Wii (or Playstation) to a computer monitor. I bought one, but at 480i the picture is extremely blurry and at 480p (recommended resolution) my monitor says it’s the wrong format, so be aware of that possibility depending on your screen. If you decide to give it a try, note that the picture and description says it comes with a male to male VGA adapter, but mine didn’t. However, you can buy one of these adapters pretty cheaply.
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So that’s how I got the picture. Now about…


Read more: how to tame an ocelot in minecraft 2019My monitor doesn’t have a built-in speaker, which is not unusual. But I’ve got a separate set of Creative speakers that I’ve been using with my desktop computer—no wonder. What’s unusual about them is that the speakers don’t have a port for attaching an audio cable. Instead, they have their own hard cable with a 3.5mm plug to connect to the speaker jack in the computer. Of course, in this case, the sound is coming from the Wii and it doesn’t have an Audio Out port. Its audio connectors are the other two (red, white) on the Wii cable. Luckily I found this audio adapter to connect the two and voila… Sound!!!NOTE: In general, this solution includes 5 power cords: Wii, monitor, adapter, and speakers. So I would definitely recommend using a good surge protector if you decide to do something like that yourself.And when I finally got it all set up, how did I do it? Well, as usual, a picture is worth a thousand words, unless those words are “Woo-hoo!”How to connect Nintendo Wii to a computer monitorYou may also be interested in:Mirror your computer or mobile device screen on your TV Top Q&A

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