How To Clean Your Scanner Glass

Canon USA Have you ever scanned a photo and only saw specks of dust at high resolution? We hope your knee-jerk reaction isn’t to grab a tissue and glass cleaner and spray the scanner, as that could make it worse. We’ll teach you how to safely and effectively clean the glass on your scanner: Step 1: Unplug the power cord from the scanner Read: how to clean the scanner glass Step 2: Use a soft, lint-free cloth , like a microfiber cloth , wipe dust off the scanner glass Read more: how to fix a shield in minecraft Step 3: If the glass has stains or other dirt, use a little glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth and clean the glass. Step 4: Using a dry microfiber cloth, dry off any remaining moisture or residue. Do not use any glass cleaners containing the following cleaning agents:

  • acetone
  • ammonia
  • benzene
  • carbon tetrachloride

Read more: How to play defense in a match 17 The above chemicals can damage the scanner glass. Although some manufacturers suggest using isopropyl alcohol, it tends to leave streaks. We also don’t recommend using compressed air for dusting because the force of the air can blow dust into the edges of the scanner and end up underneath the glass, making it a lot harder to clean. Some scanner manufacturers have instructions for removing the glass and cleaning underneath the glass, but not all scanners are made to be disassembled by the user. Now you can go back to scanning your photos without having to process them with graphics software. Read more: The zomboid project how to create a sheet

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