How To Clean Your Griptape Without Grip Gum

Read more: Ninten’s cornerRead: how to clean your knife hilt without gum Stepping on fresh, strong, sticky skateboard tape Read more: Ninten’s corner Read more: how to clean your tongs without gum no need for gum Can last two seconds? Sticky, strong and brand new skateboard tape Read more: Ninten’s Corner Read more: how to clean your pins without gum You know the feeling — you step in sand or mud, your tape slips and your tricks will be destroyed. But instead of immediately peeling off and changing the tape (a cumbersome and expensive process), why not clean it? The longboard is back in shape and ready to skate the same day.

What you need


New duct tape costs around $5 to $10 per panel, but removing old tape and applying new tape can be quite tedious. If your duct tape is a bit slippery, instead, start by purchasing:

  • A piece of natural rubber
  • Soft iron brush
  • A microfiber cloth.
  • In my opinion, these three cheap items should be kept in every racer’s boarding bag. They’ll cost the same as replacing the tape entirely and will help prolong the life of your skateboard — and your sweet tricks.

    What to expect

    This isn’t a magic process — cleaning your tape with these methods won’t make it look like new. But it WILL:

    • Make your tape feel sticky again
    • Holds your duct tape and skateboard (or longboard) in place without causing any damage
    • Saves you from having to change the entire tape
    • Make your duct tape last longer
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    If you want your board to look like new again, consider replacing the tape if it’s peeling, worn, or very slippery in some areas.

    How to clean traditional skateboard tape (shortboard)

    Read more: Ninten’s CornerReading: how to clean your grips without gumStep 1. Use rubber to remove surface crumbsRead more: How to draw a hand holding something Most skate stores sell a piece of rubber called a “Gum,” which is an effective way to remove dirt from the surface of the tape your. rubber, but cheaper, at an art supply store. It is a similar product, commonly used to remove rubber cement. Walk into a store like Blick Art Materials, ask to “get rubber cement,” and the store staff can help you find what you need for no more than a few dollars. looking for: Read more: Ninten’s CornerReading: how to clean your grips without gumGet rubber cement to help you clean your skateboard at a cheap price(Image from Blick Art Materials) Once you have the rubber pad in hand, be sure to wipe it all over your tape. It will do its job and remove dust, dirt and other unwanted duct tape invaders.Step 2. Deeper cleaning with soft wire brushOn some sites you’ll see bad “cleaning advice” where people will tell you to clean your duct tape with window cleaner and a toothbrush. DON’T DO THIS. It’s a bad idea for two reasons: Read more: Ninten’s CornerReading: how to clean your grips without gumReason #1: The window cleaner will seep through the duct tape and onto your board, softening it and eventually damaging it.Second reason: Most toothbrushes aren’t really rough enough to remove deep deposits, so this method isn’t even effective.University lecturerRead more: Ninten’s cornerRead: how to clean your shank without gumRead more: How to make a good pump: Step by step instructions | Top Q&A Instead, what you want to do is go to your local hardware store and buy a soft-bristled toothbrush—again, no more than a few dollars. !) to bring the dirt deeper, below the surface to the top. Then take out your trusty rubber pad again, use it to remove surface dirt and you’re ready to drive.

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    How to clean rough long table tape

    Longboards are usually equipped with a coarser, thicker, and waterproof tape. This means you can use window cleaner or water to remove dirt – no problem.Step 1. Scrub Grip TapeStart by pouring ½ cup of window cleaner or water into the measuring cup. Dip your soft wire brush (from the last part) into the solution and start scrubbing the tape. Start at one end of the board and work your way to the other, brushing in small sections making sure you remove all the dirt.Step 2. Completely dry the surfaceUse a large microfiber cloth (or several smaller microfiber cloths) to dry the tape before proceeding. Don’t try to wipe the towel along the tape to dry it. Let the cloth rest on the tape for three to four hours, or until the tape feels completely, absolutely, 100% dry.Step 3. Wipe with rubberReally make sure your board is dry before you wipe it again with a rubber pad – your Grip Gum or rubber cement remover won’t work properly if the tape is even slightly damp. Wait until the handle is completely dry and wipe the rubber pad over the entire item until all dirt is removed. RACINGMIX Read more: Ninten’s CornerReading: how to clean your grips without gum

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