How To Clean Shoe Polish Brush

How to clean a shoe polish brush – Step by step! Read more: how to get the first order on February 6, 2019 Reading: how to clean a shoe brush Although it is trusted to keep your shoes clean, it is only a matter of time before your shoe brush gets dirty. If you think your only option is to buy a new shoe brush, think again! Here’s how to get your shoe brush back to like-new in just three #1: Use the right technique to clean your shoebrush Normally, leftover polish will build up on the bristles of your shoe brush. When that happens, just use a clean towel or washcloth to brush them. Next, rotate the brush in the opposite direction. You will see the remaining polish removed immediately. To ensure that loose horse hair is completely removed from the brush, use our brush cleaning comb. This way, you’ll avoid any future frustration when the loose bristles will pass on to your shoe job. Step #2: Keep Your Shoe Brush in Great Condition Fortunately, shoe polishers don’t require much maintenance. To keep them in top condition, brush them regularly as directed in Step #1. For best results, polish them every time after you polish your shoes. This eliminates the risk of any leftover polish forming streaks on your shoes the next time you clean #3: Buy Only High Quality Shoe Polishing Brush To Be Sure Once you get the maximum life out of your shoe brush, it’s important that you purchase a quality shoe brush. Valentino Garemi sells only the finest internationally sourced shoe care products. Our cleaning and polishing wipes come in two sets so you always have one on hand. Each piece, sewn with red thread to prevent fraying, is made from soft cotton so your footwear stays in great condition. Pair one of Valentino Garemi’s polishing cloths with our large shoe brush. Since the brush is made from real ponytail, a clean quality finish can be achieved without any damage occurring. There are two different shoe brushes – one for dark polish and one for light brown and tan – to help ensure your footwear always receives the correct polish. Cleaning your shoes is easy when you have quality products made by Valentino Garemi! Besides shoe care products, we are also a quality supplier for skin care products, furniture and more. Contact us today for more information on our impressive product offerings!

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