How To Clean Parking Sensors

How to clean the parking sensor


Parking sensors are a popular spec choice for most new car owners. Rear and side parking sensors assist when reversing or parking in difficult locations. They help to avoid unfortunate collisions with walls or fillings, leading to paint damage. That being said, just as parking sensors help guide us into our parking space, no matter how tight that spot is, the sensor can still get clogged with dirt and road debris. . Dirty sensors can often lead to inaccurate readings or even make them appear damaged. So, with that in mind, we’ve detailed how to clean parking sensors and why below.

What is a parking sensor?

A parking sensor is a device that is installed on a vehicle and emits electromagnetic or ultrasonic waves that bounce back to nearby objects, sending a signal back to the vehicle that something is nearby.During parking, sensors warn the driver of any obstacles near the vehicle, and when the vehicle approaches an obstacle, the sound becomes louder or more frequent, helping the driver know where they are. how close to the surroundings. Most parking sensors also link to a screen fitted on the dashboard, so the driver can see where obstacles are. however, for older vehicles, aftermarket parking sensors can be installed.

How to locate the parking sensor

Parking sensors are usually fitted to the rear bumper to avoid any mishaps when reversing. That said, in a large number of products and styles, they can also be fitted to the front bumper. Newer models with higher specs will usually have both.Parking sensor diagram

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Rear view camera

A large number of newer, high-spec car models will also have rear view cameras. The rearview camera allows drivers to see what’s behind them when backing up, helping to avoid accidents that result in bumper bumps and paint scratches. That means, if the rear camera gets dusty, the driver won’t be able to clearly warn of any danger behind the vehicle when expecting to hear the sensors go off. This can lead to vehicle damage or even injury.Get a FREE repair estimate

How to clean the parking sensor

Read more: how to wire up 12v lights on a 36v golf cart If your parking sensors are covered in road, dust or mud, they may not work properly. The sensor may mistake dirt for a close object, so turn the sensor off. So it’s important to keep your parking sensors clean to ensure they work properly. All you need is a soft microfiber cloth, car shampoo, and warm water. Next, all you need to do is follow the very simple three-step washing process.

  • Fill a bucket or bowl with warm water and add the amount of car shampoo.
  • Dip the microfiber cloth in the water solution and rinse. Be careful to gently remove any dirt from the cloth as you don’t want to drag it all over the surface of the car.
  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe dirt on the sensors. Use circular motions with fingertips to ensure effective coverage.
  • The same method can be used to clean the rear camera sensor, as well as the sensors on the front of your car.

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    Here to help with Scratched Paint

    If your car has damaged paintwork, ChipsAway can fix it. We have a network of mobile specialists and Car Care Centers with permanent headquarters across the UK. So get an optional free estimate using our online form here.Find your Local ExpertRead more: how to clean a copper pan

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