How To Clean Paint Rollers And Trays

Any paint project can be made simpler if you know how to properly clean your tools. Many first-time painters have to buy new rollers or trays because they simply don’t know how to properly clean the equipment. The following information can help you make better use of your painting tools and accessories.

Pour the paint back into the can


Thorough cleaning of roller trays and sleeves does not take much time and is very helpful in extending their useful life. As soon as you finish painting, pour any unused paint into the can if it is not already contaminated. Use a paintbrush to guide the paint back to the container before replacing the cap.

Pour cold water on the paint tray

Flush the paint tray with cold water, rinsing off most of the paint. Use a scrub brush to remove any remaining paint. Brush in a circular motion. Rinse the tray one last time after removing the paint and dry the tray with an old cloth.

Remove paint from rollers

Read more: how to make fake yarn dreadlocks To clean the roller, use the tool on a scrap board, removing as much paint as possible. Then hold the roller over the sink with running water. Grasp one end of the roller and slide your other hand down the sleeve of the roller, using a firm grip. This technique will remove the lion part of the paint.

Clean the frame of the roller

Run the roller under cold running water for a minute or two and repeat the step above. Next, pour some cold water into the sink and let the roller roll back and forth in the water. Repeat this step a few times. Then remove the paint roller from the paint roller frame and clean the frame thoroughly. Use a scrub brush if needed.

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Thoroughly clean the pile of sleeves

Rub the roller sleeves with your hands under cold running water. Repeat this step until the water is clear. Then place the roller sleeve back on the roller frame. Rotate the roller to remove excess water. Do this outside.

Roller storage

When you store the roller, hang it so the sleeve doesn’t touch anything. Let the paint roller air dry. It is best to purchase multiple rollers so that you can use the tools interchangeably.

Two other roller cleaning techniques

  • Buy a roller washing machine

  • If you really want to clean your roller well, buy a roller washer. The washer is easy to use and reduces the time it takes to clean the paint roller by hand. All you need to do is hook a hose to the faucet. Slide the cover of the roller into the tube of the roller washer. Then turn on the water and it will wash off the paint in a few minutes.

  • Use a pressure washer

  • You can also spray the roller with a pressure washer if you are painting outside. Attach the paint roller to a long pole and set up the wheelbarrow for your backdrop. The paint will be removed in a minute or two. Read more: how to draw a gift box step by step Read more: Review Mautopitch -UPDATED 2020 – How to use Mautopitch?

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