How To Clean Hepa Filter Shark Rotator

I’m pretty sure you now know how much I love my Shark vacuum cleaner. And with letters and comments from readers, I know that many of you have Sharks too. It is extremely important that you know how to clean your Shark vacuum to ensure it stays at peak performance both now and for years to come.Reading: how to clean the shark hepa rotator filter They make me smile because I understand the range of emotions when using a Shark vacuum for the first time – from surprise to confusion. I can’t believe what’s lurking in my rug! With all the rides that I’ve taken on countless Shark rides over the years, I’ve never had a single failure. And while the manufacturer boasts that Sharks never lose their suction, that is to be expected and regularly cleans Sharky’s canister, filter, rotating brush, and grip.



You’ll know it’s time… Step 1: Disassemble Step 2: Clear obstructions Step 3: Scrub canister Step 4: Wash filter Step 5: Remove roller brush Step 6: Garbage removal tube Step 7: Reassemble

Signs Shark vacuum cleaner needs cleaning

  • Loss of traction: It happens. A fat ball of fluff or a venerable filter that has stopped filtering can clog the vacuum and cut off suction. Whatever the cause, a lost suction is the first sign that someone needs good hygiene.
  • Visible Dirt Leaves: When working at peak performance, Shark vacuums will never leave a trace of debris and debris. If it does, that’s a clear sign that it needs cleaning.
  • Weird Sounds: You’ll know for sure it’s bath time if your Shark sounds like it’s panting. That’s because it is so. And that can be very difficult for the engine of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Unpleasant Odors: Shark vacuums should never produce foul, dirty odors. If so, consider that a clear indication that the vacuum is past its due for a good cleaning.

How to clean Shark vacuum cleaner

In the more than 12 years I have used Shark vacuums, the company has released a large number of models. However, my experience is that all Shark vacuums have the same basic components and work the same way, here’s a general guide. Your specific Shark model may vary. If you get stuck, ask in the comments area below or consult the owner’s manual.

What you need

✅ warm water ✅ dishwashing liquid ✅ cleaning rags ✅ wooden skewers, or similar ✅ flashlight ✅ soft brush like bottle brushRead more: couchtuner how to get rid of murder | Q&A ✅ top pull

Step 1: Disassemble

Make sure the vacuum cleaner is disconnected from the power source, then remove it. Don’t go crazy here. We are not talking about unscrewing screws or removing wires. Remove the dust canister and its foam/felt filters, HEPA filter and cover as well as the handle tube.Shark Vac . cleaning unit Note the position of the filters so you can replace them in the correct order. It’s not difficult. Just pay attention.

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Step 2: Check and remove obstructions

Check for any loopholes. You can see the fluff, hairballs and dust attached. You can find other things like Lego bricks or maybe even a sock!Shark Vac Obstacle Step 3Remove all obstructions with your hands or a damp microfiber cloth. Can’t achieve it? A wooden skewer works well for fishing out or releasing any odd buildup.

Step 3: Empty and clean the dust container

Open both ends of the litter box on the trash can and empty whatever is in it. Now, take the box into a basin of warm soapy water.Step 3 clean the Shark vacuum cleanerOpen both ends of the dust canister and immediately place it in the tub of warm water. Using a long-handled brush or a rag, get inside the box and scrub it clean. After rinsing, dry thoroughly with a fine microfiber cloth.

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Step 4: Clean the Shark . vacuum filter

The shark sucker has an excellent filtration system consisting of one or two (depending on model) thick foam filters plus one made of felt; and a HEPA filter.shark vacuum filter collageFoam/felt filters Rinse foam and felt filters in cool, clear water (no soap recommended by the manufacturer), taking special care not to damage them. Once thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, the filter(s) may return to their white like-new color. But don’t worry. As long as they don’t tear, break, or decompose, they should be fine, even if they still yellow. NOTE: The manufacturer does not recommend washing the felt filter. I’m not too fond of dirty felt, so I’ve carefully washed my hands and have done it many times with no problems. Most Shark vacuum models have an additional filter — a HEPA filter. This unit is located on the lower front of the machine behind the filter (door). Pull open the door to reveal the HEPA filter and pull the filter out. Rinse the filter thoroughly in clean water and allow it to dry completely. Do not return the filter(s) to vacuum at this time. They must first dry completely or prepare for mold – the last thing you want to grow in a vacuum. Place the filter(s) still wet on the counter so they can air dry. This may require an overnight stay.

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Step 5: Clean the rotating brush head

Next, place the vacuum cleaner on the floor so you can see the brush spinning. You can place a bag or towel underneath to catch any debris and dirt you’re about to release.Shark Step 5You’ll most likely see wire, hair, and other materials wrapped around the brush. This is normal. I use scissors to cut through anything that wraps itself around the brush. That makes it easy to clean the brush. You may have to pull and tug a bit, but it will come out on its own. You want to return your brush to a clean and beautiful condition.

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Step 6: Clean the handle tube

Read more: batman arkham knight how to change skin | Q&A: Since I’m not familiar with individual Shark models, please check your owner’s manual before cleaning the vacuum sleeve. You want to make sure that the tube on your model doesn’t have any electrical components. None of my Shark vacuums ever have, but make sure.collage cleaning faucet handleThe handle tube on the Shark is easy to disconnect. When you do this and look inside, you’ll see it’s full of dust and grime. Getting rid of all that will help your Sharky keep running smoothly. Insert the tube into your sink or basin of soapy water and drop in so it can fill up with water. Use a brush or rag to clean. Warning! Don’t let anything get stuck, especially on that bend. Let the faucet sit and soak for a while to wash away dirt in areas you can’t reach easily. Finish by running clean water from the faucet through the faucet until the water comes out clean and clear from the other end. Find a place to hang the faucet vertically so it can drip dry.

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Step 7: Reassemble the vacuum

Once the filter and handle tube are completely dry, reassemble your Shark vacuum.Collage photo collageReplace the felt filter first. Next, replace the clean foam filter on top of the felt filter. Replace the HEPA filter and then the “grill” cover. Reattach the handle tube. Close both ends of the dirt canister and lock it in place.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my vacuum cleaner smell?

Chances are you’re not emptying the dirt container often enough. Just think about what goes inside that dirt canister and gets stuck in the filters as well. It’s dirt and debris from the outdoors, food particles, and other organic matter. Leaving such debris in the dirt container creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mold and potentially causes odors.

How often should I clean the pump and Shark filter?

  • Per use: Empty the dirt container after each use.
  • Monthly: The Shark Vacuum Owner’s Manual usually instructs that the foam/felt filter should be cleaned monthly.
  • Quarterly: Every three months, take apart the vacuum cleaner (see above), clean the dust canister, brush roll and hose.
  • Annual: Clean the HEPA filter once a year.
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When should I replace the Shark vacuum filter?

Your owner’s manual will most likely recommend replacing both the foam/felt filter and the HEPA filter when you notice a loss of suction power, even after cleaning the filter as mentioned above. . It’s a strong sign that the filters are no longer effective. To be on the safe side and since they are inexpensive, my approach is to change the foam/seal filter annually and the HEPA filter as needed.

Where can I buy filters and replacement parts for my Shark products? carries all the replaceable parts or accessories you can imagine and for a wide variety of Shark models, even those that are no longer manufactured. As for the filter, I compare the prices at SharkClean with Amazon, where the filter for my Shark is usually a bit cheaper. You can also find user guides for hundreds of car models and special support at SharkClean.

There are many models of Shark vacuum cleaners. Do you have a suggestion?

You’re right, there are so many templates to choose from! I am part of a range of models with the Lift-Away feature, which makes vacuuming stairs easy and efficient. And I prefer the Shark Navigator series of vacuums because they work so well. My current recommendation is this Shark Navigator Pro Lift-Away. It comes with a number of accessories including an electric pet brush and a crevice tool. It weighs only 13.7 lbs., which is just something to love. And oh, that price! Daily Cheapskate participates in the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to monetize eligible purchases, at no cost to you. Initial: 12-30-15; Republished with updated photos 9-07-21

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