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Last Updated on December 21, 2020 During the internal combustion of an engine, there is an exhaust gas released as a result of the mixture of air and fuel being burned. These are very toxic gases that can become dangerous pollutants if they are released into the air. out of the exhaust. There is a special chemical reaction that allows this to happen when the transducer metals come into contact with the gas. This can happen due to years of use of the converter or from problems with internal combustion where too much fuel is mixed and excess fuel is not fully burned which will damage the converter. If the catalytic converter fails, even the best catalytic converter cleaner will not help and a replacement will be necessary. But will the catalytic converter cleaner work? The answer is Yes in many cases, as long as you are dealing with just a dirty catalytic converter. See also: How to clean the Catalytic Converter (2 Methods)

Top 8 catalytic converter cleaners


If you notice a significant drop in your fuel economy or a rotten egg smell is coming from your engine, you need to clean the catalytic converter immediately. There are many reputable catalytic converter cleaners on the market. Here are the top 10 most commonly recommended cleaners.

#1 – Cataclean Tool and Catalytic Converter Cleaner

cleaner catalytic converter review16 oz. The Cataclean bottle is one of the best products you can use to clean your catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. While it doesn’t come cheap, the cleaner has a good reputation for clearing various catalytic converter codes from your ECU.

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#2 – CRC “Guaranteed Passing” Emissions System Formula

best cat cleanerThe “Pass Guarantee” CRC formula actually offers a double money-back guarantee for the company to stand behind their product. This solution removes carbon from the engine, catalytic converter and fuel injectors. It has been used many times to successfully handle error code P0420. Good to use to increase your chances of passing the upcoming fog test. Recommended use every 3,000 miles.

#3 – Solder-It CAT-1

catalytic cleaner reviewsIn addition to being cleaner, Solder-It is designed to remove unpleasant rotten egg odors from harmful gases because of its deodorizing properties. for about 50 miles before refilling. This tool is best for getting rid of rotten egg odors but also cleaning your cat’s adapter.

#4 – Oxicat oxygen sensor cleaner and catalytic converter

clean catalytic converterMade in Germany, Oxicat is designed to clean the entire exhaust system by removing carbon deposits and transparent soot. When used properly (follow the instructions!), it does an excellent job at cleaning, restoring performance, and even clearing engine test codes like “catalyst system performance.” below threshold” Read more: how to keep bra straps from exposing on tank any other detergent, it needs catalytic converter to maintain working temperature while driving, so if your cat suffers damaged or cracked, detergent will not help you.

#5 – Hi-Gear HG3270s

Emissions pass cleanerUse Hi-Gear to clean your catalytic converter, exhaust system, fuel system, valves and pistons. You will probably notice better fuel economy and engine performance after use. a new part.

#6 – Sledgehammer’s Run-Rite Kit

fuel system cleanerThe Sledgehammer Run-Rite kit includes both Fuel System Ultra Cleaner and Rapid Induction Deposit (RID) bottles to work together to clean your fuel and exhaust systems. fuel system, especially the catalytic converter. Since you need to add the contents of the RID directly to the vacuum line to release into the intake air, it is not recommended for beginners.

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#7 – Treat the engine with a sponge

Seafoam engine cleaner reviewWhile the common sponge treatment won’t clean your catalytic converter, it will take care of the previous problems that caused the converter to clog in the first place. . At the very least, you’ll get a good clean on your fuel injectors and combustion chambers.

#8 – Lucas Fuel Handling

Fuel Handling LucasLike Sea Foam, Lucas Fuel Treatment addresses dirty fuel system problems, which are often the cause of dirty catalytic converters. By dealing with those issues, the engine will run cleaner and allow the converter to burn itself clean. It will take more than one treatment, but you will get to the root of the problem so it doesn’t happen again. Read more: how to handle being a better queuer

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