How to clean car headlights with coca cola

Are you wondering how to clean car headlights with coca cola? Yes, it’s real and oh yes! It’s like the coca cola you have for lunch with your favorite fries! Do-it-yourself headlight cleaning is gaining popularity as many people try to remove fog lights themselves. While this development is good and saves a lot of money, different techniques and tips are being discovered every day and today we are going to look at how to clean car headlights with Coca Cola. However, before we dive into it, it’s important to know that with all the shortcuts in life, there’s going to be a small hit. The truth is, fixing foggy headlights with basic home remedies usually only gives temporary results and sooner or later you’ll be craving a more permanent solution like using a headlight restorer or go instead. second eye in night or cloudy sky. Just like the human eye, they can develop problems such as yellowish discoloration or blurred vision due to constant exposure to UV rays, debris, blurriness and need to be treated. The only tried and tested way to restore the clarity of oxidized plastic headlights for at least another 500 hours is to use a headlight restorer. While some cleaning kits will require extra effort and expertise such as gluing, sanding, polishing, or removing headlight lenses, others come with a cleaning solution that Ready-made and requires no experience or extra effort – just apply In my opinion, the best DIY headlight restoration kits should be easy to use, require no professional experience and can fix headlights. fog. If you use this type of kit, it can permanently remove fog, haze and oxidation to restore the headlights to like-new condition. With that said, let’s take a quick look at why we can use Coca Cola and how to clean headlights with Coke.

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What made Coca-Cola drink chosen for such headlight cleaning?


Read more: How to make a Coca-Cola tie dye mat is carbonated and contains just the right amount of acid that allows it to dissolve oxidation and corrode substances that have accumulated on a variety of surfaces such as metal, tile, composites, etc. needles and even plastic. The citric acid present in Coke makes it effective at cleaning stains while the phosphoric acid gives it its anti-rust power. Even so, compared to self-healing headlights with home remedies like vinegar and toothpaste, Coca-Cola works slower. However, it can be a good option if you are looking for a cheaper alternative.

Using Coca-Cola to Remove Oxidation from Headlights: Step by Step

Ready to start cleaning your headlights with coke? Here are the things you will need:Coca-Cola: You can get a can or a bottle of Coke from your local store. Try not to shake it and make sure it’s flat a bit before you use it, so it doesn’t start to stink right away. Diet Coca-Cola is less sticky, so it takes you less time to clean the residue from the sugar.Sponge or microfiber bath towels: Gather a few microfiber towels or clean sponges, as well as soap and water. Surface sponges or microfiber towels are gentler and help clean leftover coke on your trunk. Once you have everything you need, follow these steps:

Cleaning car headlights with coca cola

Clean Foggy car headlights with Coca ColaRead more: How to make acrylic look like oil First, start the cleaning process by wiping dirt from the headlight lens with a clean cloth or microfiber cloth. You may also decide to thoroughly wash your car headlights with car soap and sponge to ensure your surface has a clean and dry surface to work with. . (Be careful not to let it stain your paint job.) You can convert your Coca Cola drink into a spray bottle or soak a sponge or towel with your Coca Cola beverage and apply it to the foggy headlights, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and wipe the headlights with a clean towel. If there are still some Coca Cola stains on the headlight lens, you can wash the headlights with car soap and warm water. If your headlights are still foggy after rinsing off the Coca Cola, you can try repeating the process as many times as possible to achieve the desired results. Honestly, how many cans of Coca Cola are you willing to waste within a year or a month or every weekend. Headlight lenses are very expensive! Have you priced the replacement yet? If you have and know the cost, you won’t want to mess it up with other home remedies intended for home use. So what is the best alternative? Restore the headlight lens with the WD-40? Not necessarily! The answer is that buying a topqa.infolight headlight restorer is cheaper than replacing it. You can buy a good recovery kit for as low as $15.Pros and cons of using coca-cola to restore car headlights

  • It’s easily accessible
  • It is versatile and can be used to clean other surfaces such as metal, tiles and alloys.
  • It can be used to remove rust
  • It can be consumed
  • It can damage your plastic headlights.
  • It can be difficult to wash off due to its sugar content.
  • It can damage the lens of the cat headlight due to its acid content.
  • It is not made for the purpose of cleaning your headlights.
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Final thoughts

Although you can find all that information on the internet Coke can clean some things like your toilet bowl and ceramics but on polycarbonate like your car headlights I’m not sure you should try it. they. However, when your headlights are foggy or hazy and you’re having a hard time and need some cleaning to fix your foggy headlights, I recommend purchasing a headlight restorer. You can get as many headlight restoration kits as you like in case of an emergency. Several restoration kits are available, and you can buy about 5 headlight restoration kits to use any time your headlight lenses look foggy.

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