How to Clean a Plastic Bong

There are many ways above how to plastic bubble cleaningWe are here to show you the best way to restore your bubble to make it look like the first day you had it. Read: how to clean acrylic flakes Remember how clean and wonderful the first blow was? We will recreate it. So, load up a bowl and fasten your seat belt as we will explain the best way to clean a plastic bubble.

What you’ll need to clean an acrylic flake… Let’s start with the ingredients:


  • Sea salt
  • Hot water
  • Freshly squeezed lemon
  • 50-70% cleaning alcohol

7 simple steps to clean your plastic bubbles

Step 1:You want to start by placing your plastic bubble in the kitchen sink (you’ll want space for the bubbles during this cleaning process).Step 2:Make sure to empty all contents in the plastic bubble. Run hot water over it to remove loose debris. The only thing that should be there at this point is the turpentine entrapment we’re targeting.Step 3: Pour your sea salt into the bottom of the plastic bubble. Be generous. Sea salt is essential because it is coarser and larger in size. It does an extraordinary job of breaking down plastic.Step 4: Add ½ cup-2 cups of wine, depending on the size of your straw. Make sure you have enough room to shake the mixture without spilling out of the acrylic bubble head.Step 5:Swirl the mixture around to first begin to break down the plastic.Step 6:Fun part! Place one hand on the mouth piece while placing your thumb on the stem. Also, make sure you have a good grip so you don’t throw your balloon across the room. And shake, shake, shake. You can also use a Resolution Cleaning Hat to keep everything inside the pipe. Step 7:Rinse the bong with hot water, the hottest you can get out of the sink. Cut your lemons fresh (emphasize fresh), lemons will lose their antibacterial properties when they are left out after cutting. Squeeze lemon into hot water to form a paste. Rotate for 60 seconds.Read more: how to get spooky ganon armor Let the plastic bubble out to dry. Unless you can’t wait to tear, in which case, use a clean towel to dry.Pro tip: Safely detach with MouthPeace.Steps to clean plastic bubbles

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Why is regular cleaning of Plastic Balloons important?

Acrylic bubbles are a low-maintenance, low-cost way to smoke your marijuana. The bottom and bowl are usually made of metal or plastic, which makes them less fragile. Whether you’re a weed smoker or just haven’t smoked in a while, acrylic bubbles have arguably been the most user-friendly bubbles. Did you know that the average plastic straw contains 1304% more bacteria than a dog bowl? Yuck, huh?How clean is a plastic bubbleThat’s why it’s so important to keep your acrylic or plastic bubbles clean.From the moment you take the first shot out of your bubble, plastic begins to form. You can easily recognize it on the lower surface as the yellowish, blackish build-up is seen on the grass bowl and in the base of the bubble. so you can wipe it clean. Even though you have eaten all the food, you must definitely clean the plate before putting it back in the refrigerator for reuse. You want to keep it clean after each use because the health of your lungs, well, your entire body, really depends on it. If your acrylic bubble isn’t clean, you’ll breathe in toxins and bacteria from the rosin build up, which can be very harmful to your lungs.In short, what builds up in your bubbles can also build up in your lungs!Read more: How to create hearts in minecraft Not to mention tasting bong rip is harsher and dirtier. The best solution is to follow our 7 easy steps on how to clean plastic bubbles and also use MouthPeace to filter strong toxins out of plastic.

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MouthPeace to clean the lungs when smoking weed

Reduce bacteria when using plastic bubblesMouthPeace uses an extremely effective three-layer carbon filter to remove harmful toxins, turpentine, tar from entering your lungs and not only that it reduces bacteria by 5.924% when sharing your straws . Make sure your friends also use MouthPeace.Triple-layer carbon filter for clean lungs

How to clean plastic bubbles without alcohol

If you don’t want to use alcohol to clean plastic or acrylic bubbles, you can replace vinegar with alcohol and follow the same steps as above. This process may need to be repeated several times due to the strength of the vinegar less alcohol This is a great way to clean plastic bubbles in a more comprehensive way.InferenceNow that your plastic bubble is clean and looking like new, it’s important to keep it that way. Cleaning your bubbles is easy and noticeable because you can obviously tell when it’s time to get rid of those nasty stains. But to be a savvy smoker, you need to be proactive in your fight to keep your lungs clean by using MouthPeace. breville keurig coffee machine

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