How To Clean A Fitted New Era Hat

First of all, there are different methods for washing your well-fitting hat. There is no one size fits all washing method here. You will come across different blogs that suggest different ways like hand washing, putting your well-fitting hat in the washing machine or putting your well-fitting hat in the dishwasher. The fit hats we are referring to in this article are the 59Fifty New Era fitted caps. I previously tried putting a 59Fifty fit hat in the washing machine and it completely destroyed my fit hat by messing up the form and shape of the crown. This is personal experience, it may turn out differently for you.

A quick story on how I discovered the method of washing my 59FIFTY new era fitted hat


This is a very quick story that will explain how I discovered my method of cleaning my well-fitting hat. Living in New York, there is a large percentage of New Yorkers who don’t check the weather. I do, but not on this particular day. It started to rain outside and I didn’t have an umbrella with me at the time. I was wearing a 59Fifty baseball cap and was on my way to my destination in Manhattan. As disgusting as this sounds, I see brown drops of water ooze from the brim of my hat. I know my hat is dirty because I’ve never washed it before. When I get home, I curl up a scarf and tuck it into my hat to keep it in shape. After it dried, I noticed that my well-fitting hat looked incredibly clean.

The method I use to wash my new era gear hat

Read more: how to thicken ketchup without ketchup After being caught out in the rain, wearing my well-fitting hat and watching the rain wash away the dirt from it, I tried to recreate it I had that experience in the shower and this method worked. me since then. This is the only method I use to wash my well-fitted hat (especially the crown and the flat brim/brim). I didn’t finish washing the sweatband of the hat.

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Step by step instructions

wash a new age hatThe steps are so simple, so simple that you really don’t need a step-by-step guide but here’s how.

  • Get your well-fitting hat.
  • Turn on the shower.
  • Put your entire fitted hat under the shower. Rotate your gear to make the water touch the entire gear knob and rim. Hold it in the shower and rub it on the fabric for 2-3 minutes while rotating it every 30 seconds or so.
  • Turn the hat upside down so the water can clean and flush out the dirt inside your crown and rub the inside.
  • Once the gear has been exposed to water for a while, you want to take a soapy cloth to hand wash the sweat on the inside of the fitted (I haven’t cleaned this part of the hat perfectly yet, so do do this step with a pinch of salt. Others have said they used a toothbrush. Choose the method that works best for you).
  • Turn off the shower.
  • Let the well-fitting hat dry in the air. You can curl up a scarf and tuck it inside a well-fitting hat and let it sit, or you can press on the crown of a well-fitting hat to make sure it has a rounded crown. You can place the hat on a table or counter but I find the best way to let it air dry is to hang it on something like a wall or a door hanger.
  • Read more: How to Make Sabiki Truss to Catch Bait [Quickest & Easiest Method]Alternatively, you can wear a hat in the shower and get the same cleaning, but you’ll have to take it off to get the dirt inside. This method of washing a fit or snapback hat is very similar to the dishwasher method if you think about how water interacts with the hat. However, this method of cleaning a well-fitting hat is unique to me. Now I’ve heard people from the helmet community that the dishwashing method doesn’t work. Personally, I have never tried it.Update: 5/18/21Recently, I took the shower method to clean my well-fitting hat like I usually do, but I decided to experiment with cleaning it with a laundry cloth (still no detergent). I chose poorly. The wash cloth left bits of green fabric (green laundry cloth) on the crown of my hat. I tried a second time to clean my hat using the shower method to rinse the blue cloth and to no avail, it didn’t work. I can get pieces of fabric out of my crown equipped with a lint roller but it hasn’t gotten to that point yet. So, there, DO NOT Usea laundry fabric on your outfit, especially on dark clothes. I would advise against it. If anyone has a great method for cleaning baseball cap sweat tape, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. I just feel like there might be a better way than using a wash cloth.

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    The end result of the new hat era

    clean baseball capRead more: how to turn on backup camera while driving

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