How To Clean A Deer Skull Cap

Usually, when someone wants to know how to clean deer antlers, they really want to learn how to clean and maintain the skull cap to which the antlers are attached. Or, you may actually have an old, dirty set of deer antlers that need cleaning. In this article, we will describe how to clean deer antlers in both of these to clean deer antlers - antlers on skull plates - clean deer skull capsCleaning deer antlers can be done in a variety of ways, quite easily. From boiling to cold, and pressure washing to beetles, effective skullcap cleaning can be done by anyone with a desire to learn.

Clean dirty deer antlers


Maybe you’ve come across a set of antlers on a dead head, and it’s been there for a while. Is the gauze covered with dirt, moss, maybe even mold? Chances are, you can make them look good again with a simple clean Read: how to clean deer skull caps Get some warm water and a mild detergent, such as Dawn® dish soap. . Use some good old elbow grease, soak gauze for a few minutes or just start scrubbing them with a wet washcloth and soap. They will clean up very quickly. Rinse and let dry. If deer antlers are stained, faded, or have lost their original color in some way, check out our article on how to stain deer antlers for help restoring them to their original appearance.

Clean the skull cap of deer antlers

Now, if you really want to know how to clean and maintain the skull cap (skull plate) to which deer antlers are attached, let’s cover that now. How I approach this depends on the age of the skull cap and whether the skin is still sticky.

Remove hiding from deer antler skull plate

If you have a freshly harvested deer and want to know how to clean deer antlers, start by peeling the skin off the skull. This is done quickly and easily with a sharp knife, flathead screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Cut several lines from the outer edge of the skin to the base (peduncle) of each velvet. Then skin the back until you have enough skin to grip with pliers. Use pliers to pull the hidden skin. This is quite often enough to free the hidden skin from the cranial discs, even the ridges. Sometimes the raw hide is quite difficult to get out of the stem so you may need to use a flathead screwdriver and pry the skin off the ridge this way. and the dry skin is dried, this is what you do; Let science take its course and be patient. Find a place outside your home (this part tends to smell) and soak the skull plate in water for a few days. It will take time depending on how dry the leather is, but eventually the leather will be flexible enough to cut and pull off with pliers.

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4 methods of cleaning deer skull plates

With the hidden part without the skull cap, you have several options in cleaning the actual deer skull plate (skull cover):

  • Clean excess tissue and apply solder.
  • Wipe off excess paper towels and bring to a boil with some soda salad. (you ask what is sal soda?)
  • Clean paper towels and pressure wash. Then apply solder.
  • Use the dermestid bug to do all the work (overkill method).

I will briefly cover each of the following options: Removing tissue from the cranial disc The main thing you want to do is remove any large chunks of meat and tissue from the cranial disc. Use a knife to peel off this skin. If it’s slippery, put 20 Mule Team Borax on it to improve your grip so you can pull and jerk it faster. I add a small amount of sal soda (aka soda ash or sodium carbonate). This helps clear bones and break down tissues faster. Usually an hour or two on low heat is enough. You may need to add a little water as you do so to keep the water level above the skull plate. Try not to soak the gauze too much as this can discolor it if it is boiled for too long. I also find it better to keep the gauze a little wet when you do this. If there is a harsh line between the boiling water line and the dry rest of the velvet, a harsh fading line can be created that is more difficult to repair later on. Keeping the gauze wet will avoid this problem. Read more: how to install aftermarket steering wheelWith the skull plate boiled, give it a quick rinse in cold water so you can handle it. Scrape off remaining tissue and let dry. Over the next few days, the skull plate will dry out and it will last indefinitely, so go ahead with whatever you want to do with the antlers from there. Want some deer velvet attachment ideas? Cleaning deer antlers with Borax Thread The quickest option to preserve deer antler skullcaps is to rinse off a paper towel and then simply apply a little bit of borax. Let it dry completely. In most cases, this option is enough for a lifetime of no problems, but you need to be careful with the level of humidity and the possibility of contact with bugs. without boiling. I’d still recommend using borax after this, but if you have the equipment handy and have a lot of work to do, a pressure washer can help remove all the tissue from the deer skull plate quickly. . a swarm of dermestid beetles, there isn’t a better worker out there than those awesome carnivores. A swarm of beetles will clean every piece of flesh and tissue from the bone in a very short time. If you’re only cleaning a skull cap I would consider this overkill, but if you want to clean an entire deer skull for a European mount (euro mount), here’s one way great. There are risks associated with owning beetle colonies, but it’s absolutely a great choice to be aware of.

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Learning how to clean deer antlers is important in preserving a lifelong memory of that treasured hunt or prized find. By knowing how to effectively remove all flesh and tissue from the skull cap, you’ll ensure there are no future odor or bug problems. Choose one of the methods above and give it a try. If you’re looking for something to do with those swabs after you’ve cleaned them, check out one of our European swab kits or our gauze swab kits.

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