How To Check Your Glo Number In Ghana

Glo is one of the famous network service providers in Ghana providing both network and internet services to the people of Ghana. It has good coverage and also has a large number of customers who subscribe to their service. Due to the growing number of customers, they have come up with good self-service options that allow fair and efficient access to their services. Do you know how to check your Glo number in Ghana? Photo: (edited by the author) Source: UGC If you forgot your Glo number or can’t recall where you wrote it, now you can find it without having to queue at the office nearest Glo room. All you need is your phone and you are free to use it. These methods are quick, convenient and safe to use.

How to check your Glo number in Ghana


Are you having trouble calling your Glo phone number back? The self-service options are straightforward, with the majority of Glo number checking being all about shortcodes. You can also get your number through the Glo app or by calling customer service. It is easily configured and has been rated as the safest and fastest way to check your phone number on any platform.

How to check your Glo number with a shortcode

To check your Glo number using Glo shortcode terms, dial *777# on your phone. You will get your phone number on the screen. However, the number will appear longer because it will also have the country code in the phone number. Read more: 5 tips to beat Guardian in Minecraft In Ghana, the number will appear as 234712345678 for example. However, this should not be worried: you can replace numbers easily. 234, which is the area code for Ghana, replaced with a zero to read as 0334390000 If the shortcode above does not configure your phone, you can also dial another shortcode, *135*8#. Like the previous section, the number will be displayed on the screen and appear in long format. You will get the number back by subtracting the country code and inserting your own zero. You can also check your Glo number via their main and most used shortcode which is *1244#. Then you click show your Glo number, and that’s all to get your number on Glo mobile network.

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How to check your Glo number through customer care

How to check your Glo numberGlo Ghana. Photo: @GloGhana Source: Facebook If for some reason you can’t use the shortcodes provided above, don’t worry; all hope is not lost. You can also check your number by contacting Glo offices. The customer care team will address your issue and resolve it immediately. To get your number using this option, do the following:

  • Open the calling app on your phone
  • Dial customer care. 0334390000 or 0334390000 use your Glo number
  • Follow the voice prompts that will give you instructions
  • Talk to the agent you are associated with and ask for your phone number
  • Write it down somewhere, so you don’t forget it again

How to check your number through the Glo . app

Since the app is designed to provide almost any service to Glo users, you can also get your number through this avenue. You will be able to know your Glo number at your home comfortably and for free. All you need is internet access, and you can.

  • Go to your phone’s app store
  • Type Glo Ghana in the search bar
  • Find the right app and click download
  • Install the app and set it up with your details
  • Then you will be able to access your phone number

How do I find out my Glo number on my phone?

Read more: how to enter the forbidden forest | You can check the Glo number on your phone with a shortcode, the Glo app or by calling the customer care number. If you forget your number on Glo Ghana network, no need to worry. There are several ways you can access your number in the comfort of your home. Learn how to check your Glo number in Ghana in 2021 and has a detailed list of Vodafone shortcodes in Ghana and their usage. Vodafone is ranked among the three best network providers in Ghana and users get the most benefit by using their shortcodes. You will find details and instructions on the Vodafone shortcodes. Source: Yen Read more: how to refer friends on amazon

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