How To Change Your Name In Outlook 2010

Last updated: February 16, 2017You may discover that you need to change your sending name in Outlook 2010 if the name people see when they receive your email messages is different from the name you want to use. Whether the name is misspelled or incorrect, it is important that it is correct, so you need to find a way to correct it. Some items affect how your messages are sent and viewed. You may have changed a few other things, such as adding a signature, but those actions are very intentional and not required during the initial setup. But one important item that you definitely have set up is how your name is displayed in other people’s inboxes. Most people configure this box by their full name, but if you’re setting it up for a personal or family account, you might have used a less formal option such as nickname or just your name. But now that you understand that this setting is important, you should reconfigure Outlook so that you can adjust how your name appears.

Change your Outlook 2010 display name

However, not setting up Outlook with a full name is not the only situation where this may be necessary. If you’re married or divorced, or if the email address in Outlook is for a location and not a person, you may also need to learn how to adjust this setting. Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook 2010. Read more: how to do Remove stains from whiteboard Step 2: Click File in the upper left corner of the window, click Account Settings drop-down menu in the middle of the window, then click Account Settings again.Step 3: Click on the email account you want to modify to select it, then click Change above the account account, click changeRead more: Magic nail makeup Step 4: Enter your desired name Your name field, then click Next at the bottom of the window.change the way your name is displayed in outlook 2010Step 5: Click Close after the test message is sent successfully, then click End to close the window.

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Summary – How to change the send name in Outlook 2010

  • Click File in the top left corner of the Outlook window.
  • Click Account Settings button, then click Account Settings.
  • Select the email account to edit, then click Change button.
  • Click inside Your name delete the current name, then enter a new name to use for sent emails.
  • Click Next then wait for the test message to be sent and click End.
  • If you have a signature, but want to include it, learn how to edit your signature in Outlook 2010 so you can include all the information you want mail recipients to have about you. into the skirt

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