How To Change Units In Solidworks

Change units in SOLIDWORKS The user interface couldn’t be simpler. Go to Tools > Options > Document Properties > Units to change the units being used in the SOLIDWORKS design environment. There is also a unit pop-up menu in the bottom right corner of the SOLIDWORKS screen. Change units in SOLIDWORKS Simulation The environment is a bit more involved but still simple. OLIDWORKS simulation units can be changed in three ways: Read: how to change units in solidworks

  • For all new SOLIDWORKS Simulation studies created after changing units Default Option
  • In SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • In a single simulated plot

Change the units in the default options


There is only one way to access the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Default Options; click Simulation > Preferences > Default Options > Units. From here, choose between SI, British, and Metric unit types. There is also the option to customize the units further by clicking on the drop-down options next to Length/Displacement, Temperature, Angular Velocity and Pressure/Stress. Each unit type has a drop-down menu of specific customizable units that can be changed while in this menu.Unit change route in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Default Options Also in Options tab default is Color Histogram. This chart allows us to set the default number format to Scientific, Floating, and General.Color chart number format location in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Default OptionsRead more: how to make plastic earrings with flowers

  • Scientific Numbering Format – Replace part of a number with exponential notation
  • Floating Numbering Format – This is a single precision floating point format
  • General numbering format – Rounds numbers to the nearest selected decimal place

Number of different formatting options in SOLIDWORKS Simulation cellsNumber of different formatting options in SOLIDWORKS Simulation cells

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Changing Units in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Units of some features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation can be changed individually. For example, if you apply a load to your simulation, you can click the drop-down menu next to the ruler icon, where you can choose from SI, British, or Metric units. This is handy if you have force input in SI units but you want to see the load force in English units. All you need to do is enter the units when the feature is set to SI, then switch to English and SOLIDWORKS Simulation will convert the SI units to English just like that.Changing the unit of an external load in the SOLIDWORKS Simulation featureChanging the unit of an external load in the SOLIDWORKS Simulation feature

Change the unit simulation cell

SOLIDWORKS simulation allows us to change the units used in the simulation for each resulting graph as shown in the Stress diagram example below. To open a cell, right-click the correct cell in the “Results” folder and then click the “Edit Definition” option. Click the second drop-down menu in the Display section of the Stress chart. Here are five unit options for you to choose from: pascals, pounds per square inch, force kilograms per square centimeter, megapascals, and kilo-pounds per square inch. Read more: how to bleach and dye your hair in the same dayTo change the format unit in a single results graph, go to the “Chart Options” tab in the “Position/Format” section and click the menu dropdown shown in the screenshot below. The decimal places shown on the screenshot below can also be increased or decreased in this section.Changing the units in the SOLIDWORKS Simulation results chartChanging the units in the SOLIDWORKS Simulation results chart

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