How to Change Raid in Coin Master 2021

Change Raid with Coin Master


So do you want? raid change in coin master? If yes then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will show you the best way to change raider in master coin Easily. If you play this game then you probably know the importance of raid in the game. player. In the game, your friends are also your enemies, but sometimes you don’t want to raid your friend’s base, so you have to find a trick to change the raid in the coin owner game. the game assigns you who to raid and officially you can’t change the raider in coin master, But anything is possible in the game if you know how to play smart. Coin fraud and as we told you that by default there is no option to change attack on coin master, So here is 100% Working trick that will solve your problem.Coin Master Raid ChangesCoin Master Raid Changes

Change the raider in the master

  • First of all, open Settings in your device
  • Now open Applications > Installed Applications > Coin Master

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  • Now you will see the Option to clear the game Cache

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  • Just tap that, now the game cache will be cleared.
  • Now you will see that the owner of the Raid in coin has been changed.
  • That is all! This is how you can change raid in coin master easily.

Advantages of changing Coin master Raid

Read more: how to unlink facebook from pubg mobileThere are many advantages to changing the game raid in the game, The first is that you don’t want to waste spin master coin and you want to avoid raiding your friend’s base. Foxy is the best pet when it comes to Raid, Now any pet in the game is activated for 4 hours and if you want to activate it again you have to give them Xp or potion. So if foxy is not enabled then many players want to skip raid in coin master So you can also follow this trick for that purpose. Sometimes we keep raiding the same person and that person doesn’t have many coins in the coin pocket, So you can also Change the raid and keep playing the game.

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Disadvantages of changing Raid on the village

Since this trick is not official there is a chance this could be patched any day, This is a coin master glitch Allows you to change the raid village in the coin master. Other than this, there are no downsides. If a player Raid you repeatedly then you can Block people and protect your village from Raid and repeated attack. This happened to me personally when I was about to raid someone else and by using this Tutorial we changed our raid to some other random person. Applying this Trick will allow you to make a raid on 3rd person instead of raid on your friends. Read more: How to make a wooden pen (8 steps and photos) This is the latest 2021 trick that you can use to change the raid in the game itself. players of this game have benefited from using our guide and they can easily change the raid from One to Another. We have personally tried this trick many times and 99% of the time it works perfectly for us. In case if you know any other way, you can write in the comments section below and we will add that to our Guide. TBH we wrote this tutorial very simple but for some of our users we also made a video tutorial.

frequently asked Questions

How to stop raiding with master coins? You can Stop the raid in the game by entering ghost mode, to enter ghost mode you need to delete the Facebook account connected to the coin owner. There is no Sure shot way to get more attacks in coin master, However you can still follow the “Bet More and Get More” Method. In it, you have to remember the model of the Object that you get when you spin the slot machine. Then you have to Play with maximum bet when the probability of Catching a Bear is higher. Can you choose who you raid the coin master with? In coin master you can take revenge on your friends in the game. There is an option to check who raided your village. So by exploiting for revenge, you can also take revenge from the friend. Read more: Genshin Impact Autosave?

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