How To Change Pitch In Garageband

When it comes to recording, mixing, and producing vocals, there’s a lot that can be done to dramatically change the nature of a song, some of which I explored in my tutorial. For example, you can apply a compressor, an EQ, a limiter, delay, or just reverb. Other users prefer to “pitch up” their vocals, which is another way of saying pitching like what can be heard in “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” but not everyone knows how to do that. .To enhance vocals in Garageband, select the song you want to change, then go down to its plug-ins under Smart Controls. Select “Pitch” from the drop-down menu, then select “Pitch Shifter”. You can adjust the number of semitones by which the vocal has been boosted from 0 to 12. There are other ways to enhance your vocals in Garageband, however, without a doubt this is the easiest way to do it. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of raising your voice with Pitch Shifter, Vocal Transformer, plus some third-party plugins. By the way, I have a list of all the best products for music production on my recommended product page, including the best deals, coupon codes and bundles, that way you don’t miss out (you’ll be surprised at what kind of deals always go on).

3 Methods of Pitching Vocals in Garageband – Step by Step Guide


1) Use Pitch Shifter to Pitch Vocals in Garageband

Enhancing your vocals means raising or lowering the pitch of a song by certain semitones or tones, and it can be done with the default plug-ins available in Garageband, notably Pitch Shifter is in the subheading “Pitch” in the Garageband plug-in in Smart Controls.A) Select or Mark your vocals This is the same process for adjusting nearly any other plug-in in Garageband. What you want to do is select the software tool or the audio track region by simply clicking on it. Once it has been selected, the tracking area will turn a light gray color, similar to what can be seen in the image below:B) Go down to Plugins in Smart Control To do this you can press “B” on your keyboard to bring up Smart Control with your tracking area selected or you can simply click in the mentioned area. Either will show Smart Controls where plugins can be found.2 Plugins in Smart ControlC) Click on Slots and Select Category, “Tickets” Read more: how to hack the pewdiepie emulator Once you have shown the plug-ins in the Smart Controls section, click on the right side of the slot blank or a position where the plugin already exists, and display a menu that will show all the different types available, including “Dynamics”, “Amps and Pedals”, “Distortion”, “EQ” and many more. Others.List of pitchesD) Select “Pitch Shifter” Select the category, “Pitch” and then you will be presented with two different options, “Pitch Shifter” and “Vocal Transformer.” Honestly, either of these will work to get the effect you want, however, using the “Speed ​​Shifter” is the easiest. play with, including “Semi-tone” and “Mix”. How you want your vocals to come out is up to you, but a general rule of thumb I would use for pitching in this regard is to set “Mix” to 100% as this will ensure that no original signal will shine. Go ahead and set the “Semi-Tones” parameter to about 12 halftones, then set the Mix to “100%” and you can see how it resembles Alvin and the Chipmunks.Pitch Shifter SettingsThis is the first way to raise your voice with Garageband, however, there are other ways to do it as well, in fact, I think the following tactic might even be the best in terms of how the sound actually comes out when all said and done (by the way, if you’re looking for singing lessons, you won’t go wrong with Singorama, which is probably one of the most effective ways to learn).

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2) Use the Vocal Changer to enhance your vocals

To set up Vocal Transformer, simply follow the same process shown above, but choose Vocal Transformer instead of Pitch Shifter and you may find that the plug-in is a bit different. There are two different parameters on this plug-in, “Pitch” and “Formant”. The first spec is self-explanatory, in that it only adjusts the pitch by what I believe is a negative. On the other hand, “Formant” is really how you make “Alvin and the Chipmunks” sound, which can sound cute and fun at the same time. Adjust “Pitch” to about +1, then set “Format to about +12, and you can see how it sounds. On the contrary, you can set “Pitch” to the same level and then reduce “Formant” to +0 and you can see how it only pushes the pitch up one tone but not adding “Alvin and the Chipmunks” style. sound.Voice changerTry playing around with this to find the sound you want, but for that cute high-pitched sound you might be looking for, I recommend setting the Vocal Transformer’s “Pitch” to +12 then “” Formant” +12. And here is the second way to change the pitch of your vocals in Garageband. There is one last way to do it.

3) Use Melodyne to show your voice in Garageband

Melodyne-5-Testing-Read more: Top 3 methods for cleaning stainless steel jewelry Using Melodyne 5 – Editor (from Plugin Boutique) is the best way to change the pitch of a note in Garageband, however, if you looking for the next pitch change with that lovely Chipmunk vibe, then don’t use it. Melodyne is more about adjusting the pitch of the notes while preserving a natural human quality, rather than an effect like what can be heard using Pitch Shifter or Vocal Transformer. having done so, fret not as I guarantee to walk you through it. The first step is to download the plug-in using my guide and then simply hit the switch in Melodyne once you’ve set it up in the Track Smart Control plug-ins. VocalsWith the song selected and ready to play, open Melodyne in the Smart Controls plugin, then tap the red “Transfer” button to start recording your vocals into Melodyne so it can work. Once you’ve done that, you can simply select all the notes.Melodyne vocal transitionsB) Select All notes and then drag them up an octave or two After you’ve selected each note in Melodyne, you just want to drag them up as many notes as you want. It is important to pay attention to the first note of the vocal recording. For example, in the image, as you can see below, the first note is “Bb.” To move them up an octave, grab the notes and drag them all so that the first note is Bb above the first note. This means you have moved everything up exactly one octave. As I mentioned above, this is a great way to change the pitch, but it’s not the best way if you want the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” vibe.Drag Melodyne Vocals Pitch Shift

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Using Antares Auto-Tune Pro to Pitch Shift Vocals in Garageband

Antares-Auto-Tune-for-Garageband-How-to-Install-Plugins-in-Garageband-Another good way to change the pitch of your vocals that I recently discovered is that Antares Auto-Tune Pro, apart from Melodyne 5, is the best vocal tuning plugin compatible with Garageband. It has a surprisingly reasonable price on Plugin Boutique and it’s pretty simple to use. To enhance your vocals with Auto-Tune Pro, simply use the transpose button at the top right of the Auto-Tune Pro interface. Increase it to 12 to get the desired effect. Watch the video here to see what I’m talking about:

YouTube Video Tutorial


And that’s all for this tutorial. In fact, changing the pitch of your vocal recordings isn’t really that difficult, in fact, it only takes a few seconds, regardless of whether you choose Pitch Shifter or Vocal Transformer. The way you use it only changes slightly if you’ve used one or the other.To enhance vocals in Garageband, simply use the “Advertiser” or “Audio Inverter” in the Smart Controls plugins, then adjust the “Pitch” and “Harmony” if you are using Pitch Converter or “Pitch” and “Formant” if you are using Vocal Transformer. Read more: How to bet down the trampoline

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