How To Change Default Payment Method On Amazon

If you’ve ever been denied a payment because your default credit card payment method on Amazon has expired, you know how frustrating that can be. Here’s how to change your default tag on Amazon and also remove listings because Amazon doesn’t do it automatically. application. We’ve got instructions for the site first, but if you’re an app user, you can scroll down a bit to see how to change your default tags in the mobile app.

On the Web

Go to Amazon and go to Your Account > Your Account.1youraccountNext, select the “Payment Options” setting.2 optionsYou’ll see a list of all the payment methods currently attached to your account. I have a lot, and about half of them are out of date.3 listsTo remove an expired payment method (or just one you no longer use), click the small downward arrow to expand the payment method details, then click the “Delete” button.4clickdeleteRead more: How to make Mandrake [Herbology at Hogwarts]Click the “Confirm Delete” button and the method will no longer be on the list.5 confirmationsGo through and remove any old tags. Here is my (much more organized) list.6 availableNow that the list of cards on your account looks a lot better, it’s time to change the default settings. On the left sidebar, click the “1 Click Install” link.7 1clickAt the top of the list, you’ll see your default billing and address options. Note that while you’re considering your 1-click option, that default payment method is also used for Alexa, Kindle, and other digital purchases.8 listsYou can change your default payment method in one of two ways. If you see another payment method listed further down the page, you can click the “Make Default” button to the right of that method to make it the default. If you do this, any nicknames and shipping methods you attached to that method also become defaults. method” in your current default container. You’ll also want to do it this way if you need to add a new card that isn’t already linked to your account.9clickchangeChoose the tag you want to use—or click “Add a new tag” if you need to add a new tag—and then click the “Continue” button. Read more: Wpsq4160t6ww how to replace the timer dial10 changesNow, whenever you place an order, that’s the card Amazon will try to use.

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With mobile app

Open the Amazon mobile app, tap the menu icon, then tap the “Account” setting.1 menu2accountSelect the “Manage Payment Options” entry and you’ll see a list of all the credit cards currently attached to your account. To remove a payment method, tap the “Delete” button below the method. To add a new method, tap the “Add payment method” option.3 managers4 listsTo change the default payment option, scroll to the bottom of the Manage Payment Options page, then tap the “1-Click Settings” link. You’ll see a list of all the addresses you’ve associated with your account, and each has its own default payment method. To change your default address, tap the “Set as Default” button. To change the default payment method, tap the payment method (or if it doesn’t, tap the “Select payment method” option).5tap 16 listsChoose the credit card you want to use — or add a new one — and tap the “Continue” button.7 completeFrom now on, that’s the tag Amazon will try to use by default. Read more: How to create a full lace wig

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