How To Change Battery In Vw Tiguan Key Fob

Do you need to know how to change the battery in the VW keycard? You don’t need to do this often as your battery can last several years, but when it does need to replace it is a very simple process. If you want to handle the replacement of your VW key fob battery yourself, we have provided the necessary steps below. Our service department is also available to help. Read: how to change the battery in vw tiguan key fob

Which VW key battery do I need?


The hardest part of changing the battery in the VW keycard is determining which pin the VW lock to use. If you’re not sure what your key fob requires, the following information may help.

  • If you drive an older VW car with a fob that looks like a simple Volkswagen car key, you will most likely have to buy a CR1632 battery.
  • If your car was manufactured after 1999, you probably have a key that looks like a small case with buttons on one side. It must also have a retractable emergency lock. If that’s the case, it probably requires a CR2032 Battery.

VW key battery replacement: Five simple tips

Read more: how to knit 2 tinsel 2 It’s easy to replace the battery in your key no matter what model VW you own. Before you start, you need a few supplies. Find a small screwdriver, a new CR2032 battery, and a piece of tape. Flathead screwdrivers can be wrapped in tape to help minimize damage to the fob. Once you have these items, you are ready to go.

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  • Hold the button on your Volkswagen key fob until the emergency key pops out.
  • Make sure you have mastered the key elements. If you like, you can attach it to a small metal ring that you can hold on your index finger.
  • Locate the seam connecting the lid and base of your fob. Use your fingers to start separating the sides. A screwdriver can be used to pry loose pieces. Be careful in this step as you don’t want to scratch the main fob.
  • Replace the old battery with a new one. Make sure that the positive side is facing down.
  • Close the remote control box tightly to keep everything in place. The replacement process is now complete.
  • How to start a car without a smart key

    What if you are somewhere and the battery in your smart key is dead? Do not worried! You can still get where you need to go before you change the battery. Keypad W contains an emergency key or bayonet key, which can be used without batteries. Even if your vehicle has keyless or push-button start, simply holding the emergency key underneath the ignition is enough to start the engine.

    Volkswagen key replacement

    Read more: how to make a bottle bottle without a furnace If replacing the battery doesn’t work or you misplaced the key, you can replace it. Car key replacement can be expensive, so it’s beneficial to keep a spare key. If you don’t have a spare key and need to change your VW key, visit Jennings Volkswagen today. Remember to bring your driver’s license and proof of ownership before visiting us. If you have just picked up a new VW key, it will need to be programmed. We can do this for you at our VW service center once the keys arrive.

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    Contact Jennings Volkswagen for more information

    Need help with replacing your VW key fob battery? Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also meet in person if you have any questions. Read more: how to remove audio track from mkv

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