How to catch Gengar in Pokemon GO

Gengar has been a hugely sought-after character by fans since the inception of the Pokemon franchise. to get. In this article, readers will learn how to seize that fortune by learning how to get Gengar in Pokemon GO.

How to catch Gengar in Pokemon GO

Introduced in Generation I, Gengar is a Ghost and Poison dual-type Pokemon that evolves from Haunter when traded. Gengar is the final form of Gastly. In Pokemon GO, Gengar has an Attack stat of 261, a Defense stat of 149, a Stamina stat of 155 and a max CP of 8,657. Gengars are also weak against Dark, Ground, Ghost and Psychic types, so keep that in mind when fighting them. Gengar is also resistant to Fairy, Grass, Bug, Poison, Normal, and Battle-type Pokemon and moves.

How to get Gengar

26c98 16179810845664 The easiest way for trainers to get Gengar in Pokemon GO is probably the way many people think of – evolution. Since Gengar is Gastly’s final evolution, the player can always start by catching a Gastly and then continue doing so until the trainer has received all the candies needed to evolve it into Pokemon of their choice. The trainer will need 25 Gastly candies to evolve into Haunter and 100 candies to evolve Haunter into Gengar. . It is known that higher evolved Pokemon are less likely to appear in places where their lower evolved forms can be found. Most people have no problem getting their Gastlys fair running around, so depending on how often the trainer plays and where they are in the world (since Pokemon GO is map based real world, there is no exact step-by-step guide to give to everyone worldwide), catching enough Gastlys to get Gengar might not be too much of a problem. Read more: how to change the heating element in a ge dryer Avatar

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