How To Build A Well House

Our latest project around the farm is our DIY well house. This building structure can also be used as a shed in the garden or what my family has always called the slum.The well was one of the first things that happened on the vacant lot we bought. Once the well was drilled, our focus had to turn to the many other important things that had to be done so we could move and really live on the property. our farm. Now, as winter approaches, it’s time to pay attention to building a well house to protect the well from the elements that can cause it to freeze on cold winter days. is anyway. I guess you could say I’m a self-taught buider’s helper. So, in typical do-it-yourself fashion, we built our good house without any form of planning and are here to show you how we did it and encourage you. do like that.Tips to build your own good house

  • The size and detail of the structure we build can be tailored to fit your needs or the purpose for whatever you’re building the structure for.
  • This building project is pretty cheap given the list of materials we used, but there are certainly ways to save even more. If you have access to any used building materials like old barn wood or salvaged galvanized corrugated iron, you can practically build it with nothing! Bonus: It will have the character right away!
  • We will insulate the inside of our well house (in Part 2 of this post) but you don’t have to depend on your intended use.
  • Since we are building our structure for the purpose of being a well house, it will not include any type of flooring. If you want to add an extra floor, you can simply lay a plank across the bottom of the door and mix and pour the concrete inside. Then smooth and level the concrete. Once set up, your building will have a nice floor to store garden tools or anything else you need to store.
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DEAC7991 596F 4DDA A561 BCEA84A83922Tools and materials needed to build a house with a well or a shed in the garden

  • Card hole digger
  • The ability to see
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Lanyard
  • Rope
  • 1 1/2” Sheet Metal Screws
  • 3 1/2” 16d . frame box stud
  • 2 1/2” 8d framed flooring
  • Wood screws 3 1/2”
  • 1/8” drill bit
  • hammer
  • Fast Crete
  • 5 articles processed 4×4
  • 24 2×4 boards 10′ long
  • 19 1×4 boards 10′ long
  • 2 boards 1×6 10′ long
  • 40 boards 1×10 8′ long
  • 7 sheets of iron 10′ long
  • Insulation
  • Markers such as wooden stakes or flags
  • 2 hinges and 1 latch for the door
  • Paint or stain

541549C9 44C0 42CC A6C5 529CD5396803Square on the background of the 6 × 8 . buildingMeasure the distances of the sides of your building, placing markers at the corners. Then measure between opposite corners, adjusting the markers until the two measurements are the same or as close to equal as you can get. (Within 1/2″)716376FE 0471 4EBF 8F80 81100CDC371FFrame the Well HouseRead more: How to print a helmet that fits meDig four post holes (2 1/2 ft deep) on the inside edge of your marker for corners and one hole for where you want the door to hang. Place a cylinder in a hole, mix the crete quickly, pour the crete quickly over the top of the hole, level the cylinder to stand upright while you are filling the hole. To set up overnight. Plug the 2×4 board around the top in a 6-inch slope from front to back, cutting off the tops of the 4×4 posts at the same height for the slope. Roof Leveling (Front and Rear) Nail the 2×4 planks around the center and bottom of the pier.36E6A3D0 EB16 48B8 B476 34C314AE6998RoofInstall the 2×4 trusses and then nail the 1×4 (equidistant) planks onto the trusses the same length as the desired width of the roof. Screw the corrugated board along the length of the roof from front to back while overlapping the edges.D0C85686 3F0C 43C5 9E33 8A7EC530DCC1A62D2F04 1EF0 47AA 94F1 98CA618F13DF58650DFA 12FB 47F1 99F6 17263BC194F2Sides / WallsInstall 1×10” planks lengthwise to all sides of the frame.EB6A6184 FAD3 4391 AE97 DA4BC9377D44887FD227 9C6A 40B2 97F7 072D5D9F0382Build the doorFrame the door to the desired size you want using a 2×4 board for the top, bottom, and sides, and a panel to fit diagonally from the top corner to the bottom corner. Cut 1×10 planks to the size of the door and nail vertically to match the panels around the outside of the well house. Install the door with hinges and latches.F231844E DAEE 40A3 AA0A 0C8466BE8B56Decorative finishingRead more: How to stop hearing yourself in fl studio 12 Install all the decorations on the corners and under the eaves of the well house. Hris and I had two different visions of the trim along the edge of the roof. He had intended to leave the edges of the roof on the sides without trimming. You will clearly see the 1×4 planks to which the roofing metal is bolted. On the other hand, I envisioned contouring around the entire edge of the roof. If he was going to trim the roof this way, he would make the front and back roof trim boards long enough to go beyond the width of the roof. Since they weren’t there, he had to add a shorter trim to connect the front and rear roof sections to the side trim. It’s really unnoticeable and looks just like I had hoped. The main point is that it will protect us well this winter, but I can’t help but think about the look I want it to give. well house and stained the outside to look like old, weathered wood. I wanted to give it an old washhouse look and decorate it by hanging old sinks on the exterior walls.FB74C4A3 8787 4C0D A9A0 E662F9D6C915Thank you for visiting the blog, today! Be sure to check back (Part 2) of our DIY Well house, where we’ll insulate it for the winter and hopefully turn it into an old, weathered home. Thank you, Tammie xx There may be affiliate links in my blog post. If you buy anything through those links, I may be paid a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read more: How to get verified on xbox check mark

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