How To Build A Speed Bag Platform

For many years I was an amateur boxer, always wanting to have a good fight in the ring with whoever was the game. I had a heavy bag with an inexpensive base (with a plastic base that you fill with water – it was less than desirable but it gave me something to work with). I also have a double-ended bag (which attaches to a ceiling truss in the basement and a base filled with water on the floor) and a slip pocket (a cornball) that I also keep messy. Good boxing workout without some laps on the speed bag? I bought a cheap speed bag platform years ago and mounted it at my previous home. things off my kitchen cabinets on the other side of the wall. very small and the noise carried everywhere.

Choose speed bag location


After moving into our larger house, the question of where and how to mount my speed bag stuck in my head for a long time. I really want it in the basement with my other boxing gear, but the ceiling is really low. It would be awkward to hit a speed bag at that height. above the garage is the ideal location. The ceiling is very high, so I can place the speed bag at any height I want. There’s no second floor above the garage so there’s no problem of shaking affecting things upstairs. In addition, the garage is soundproofed quite well. I’m going to mount some sort of accessory near the center of the garage.

Defining the design for the speed bag platform

With the location chosen, I have to be mindful of the space required for the speed bag base. The garage is a busy area for me as it is also my workshop. I don’t want to keep dodging the speed bag every time I do a project there. Read more: how to disable reloading on starbucks app So I’ve been thinking a lot about how to create a system where the speed bag platform can be easy After messing around in TinkerCAD for a few hours I gave came up with a design that ended up creating this amazing thing:

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Foldable DIY Speed ​​Bag Boxing Platform - Easy TutorialBuild the speed bag platform

I tried to build it completely out of scrap wood, it consists of a top and bottom part. The top part is a fixed mount that attaches to the ceiling. The bottom section slides into the top section and allows the speed bag platform to raise or lower. I used 4 heavy duty bolts, some washers and some propellers to lock the base into the desired position. chestnuts to make them easy to remove them. This instead of using regular nuts and having to use tools to raise/lower, I also intentionally weighed down the bottom a bit using some 4 x 4 wood. I wanted to create a Firm recovery surface for speed bags.How to Build a Foldable DIY Speed ​​Bag Boxing PlatformWorking on the Upper Piece The upper part of the design is a bit simpler. Completely done in 2 x 4 seconds, here’s the finished version of it:Make a Foldable DIY Speed ​​Bag Boxing PlatformThe two 2 x 4 long bars at the top will rest against the ceiling when installed. Two suspended vertical bars act as guides for easier lifting/lowering. They will also have holes that align with the holes on the bottom base. This allows the bolts to lock the two pieces into place. (in the contracted/increasing position):Make a Foldable DIY Speed ​​Bag Boxing PlatformHere’s what they look like in the extended/lowered position:Make a Foldable DIY Speed ​​Bag Boxing PlatformTo hold the two pieces in the raised and lowered positions, I drilled matching holes (on four 2 x 4 verticals) in both positions to allow four heavy-duty bolts through. Fix the top to the ceiling rafters. Read more: How to Pack & Light a Pipe In an effort to reduce damage to drywall ceilings from vibrations (and reduce noise), I used ½” thick neoprene rubber sheets in the middle 2 x 4s and ceiling. I bought an 8 x 8 rubber square and cut it into four smaller 4 x 4 squares. I drilled a small hole in the center of each square for the lanyard to go through and placed the panels in the center of the ceiling and the 2 x 4s. . For the actual screws, I opted to use four 6” TimberLok screws to connect everything to the bare rafters. Here is a picture of the mount (you can see the neoprene panels in the middle of the ceiling and 2 x 4s):Build a Foldable DIY Speed ​​Bag Boxing PlatformInsert the bottom: With the top mounted very securely to the ceiling, now it’s time to mount the bottom. I put it in the raised position (as high as possible vertically) and temporarily held it in place with just two bolts. is when I screwed the two metal plates on the bottom to prevent the bottom piece from falling off the top one. to reposition the speed bag):How to Make a Workout Station - DIY Speed ​​Bag Boxing PlatformMounting the speed bag Now that my device is securely attached to the ceiling, it’s time to attach the actual speed bag holder. I just used some delay latch to fix it. Here is an image from above showing the platform bolted on:How to Make a Workout Station - DIY Speed ​​Bag Boxing PlatformYou will notice from the image above that I had to cut the corners of the 4 x 4s. This is so that they do not protrude beyond the edge of the circular speed bag base, and at the same time, the empty square space in the center of the mounting platform is intentional, which allows the speed bag rotation bolts to pass through. It is also a great storage bag for removable bolts. So I just fixed two of them and the other two were placed in this middle square pocket. Here’s a close-up image showing the rotating bolts going into the empty square hole:

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How to Make a Workout Station - DIY Speed ​​Bag Boxing PlatformCheck out the Speed ​​Bag Station

My garage accelerator bag project is complete and I am very pleased with the results. I set up my phone to record from certain key areas of the house and work in the biggest and biggest pocket I can. When I played back the recordings, I didn’t hear the bag at all. So I’m confident that I can now practice whenever I want and not bother anyone.

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