How To Bleep Out Words In Imovie

If you use iMovie to edit videos or create movies, you may also have some audio to work with. And if you have an audio clip that needs to be moderated, what do you do? Learn how word splitting in iMovie can help you. While there’s no “bleaching” feature in iMovie, you can still make it happen. .

Bleaching process


To make a beep, boing, or whistle sound in place of a word or phrase in your audio, there’s a bit of a process involved. But don’t worry, we will guide you step by step.

  • Separate audio from video
  • Split audio tracks
  • Clip mute option
  • Add sound effects

Separate audio from video

Open iMovie and your project to edit on your Mac. Then start the process by separating the audio from your video.first) Select video clips in your Movie Timeline.2) One in two right click and choose Audio Separation from the shortcut menu or click Change > Audio Separation from the menu bar. You will then see the green audio clip separate from the video and lie directly below it. Now it’s a separate clip that you can adjust the video’s own. iMovie separates audio clips

Split audio tracks

The next step in the process is a bit complicated. You’ll need to split the audio track around where you want to add the timbre. Basically, you’ll have to split the audio you want to censor into its own clip. Read more: how to make shredded chicken with canned chickenfirst) Select audio track in your Movie Timeline.2) Drag to move the Playhead to the position where you want to start splitting. This will precede the part you will isolate.3) One in two right click and choose Separation clamp from the shortcut menu or click Change > Separation clamp from the menu bar. iMovie Split Clip starts4) Now drag to move the Playhead to the position where you want the split to end. This will be after the section you will isolate.5) Choose Separation clamp again, same as in step 3. You should now have a part of your audio clip where you want it to sound like the clip itself. You can easily double-check this by selecting that little clip in the Timeline and clicking Play so you can hear it. iMovie isolated audio trackIf you want to redo this part, you can use Edit > Undo feature from the menu bar to undo each step in the Split Clip process and start over or from a specific place.

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Clip mute option

Before continuing to replace the isolated clip with sound effects, you may want to experiment and see if simply turning off the sound is enough. While in most cases it’s not because you lose the context of what you’re hearing, it could be an option you like.first) Select isolated audio track in your Movie Timeline.2) Click Volume above the Viewer. Read more: how to draw a witch hat3) Activated Mute button. iMovie Mute Audio Clip IsolatedNow play your audio and see how it sounds when that part is muted. If you like it, then you’re good to go! But if you want to use sound effects, continue with the steps below.

Add sound effects

first) Select isolated audio track in your Movie Timeline and press Delete Key. This will leave some space between the rest of the audio you’ve isolated and where you’ll insert the sound effects.2) Please make sure that Media Library is open in the Browser at the top of the iMovie window.3) Click Sound and left select Sound effects.4) Right below Sound you will see a drop the box where you can choose sound effects. Before choosing one, you can click to play to preview. iMovie Audio Sound Effects5) When you find one you want to use, click and drag it in the space in the Timeline where you deleted that isolation. If the audio tracks around it change, don’t worry, just drag them back into place. iMovie Add sound effectsHit Play in the Viewer to hear your new sound. And again, you can use Edit > Undo Take action to roll back if you don’t like what you’ve created.

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Wrap it up

Not every video we shoot is perfect, so if you need to make some adjustments, iMovie is a great choice. You have lots of features to improve your masterpiece like the Ken Burns effect and ways to fix your clips like rotating or flipping them. And of course, this way to remove those nasty words from your audio is another cool innovation. If so, be sure to turn it back on and let us know how it worked for you! Read more: how to invest money in uae | Top Q&A

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