how to become a villain in mad city

Crazy city is like our real life in that we have to decide to be Hero or Villain for this society, in this game you also have to decide to choose the power of good or evil. In this city like a Hero or Police, you have to bring justice and peace in this city and as Criminal, You have to increase the crime rate in the city and try to escape from the police. This game is created by Schwifty Studios on December 3, 2017 and became more popular in January 2019. This game seems similar to the popular game ‘Jailbreak’. This year, crazy city became the 13th game achieved 1 billion users.

Teams participating in Mad City

As usual, the police are provided with the same items as in real life, such as Pistols, Taser and Handcuffs. The police have only one motorbike to catch criminals or prisoners escaping from prison, they have to go inside the police station and take action when necessary.PrisonerRead more: How to mix salt water for sugar Prisoners have to live in a cell, their ultimate goal is to get out of this cell and re-offend in the city, with the help of barrels, cans, boxes or hammers with which they can get out of the prison with proper planning and with the help of a spatula or a latch can open the bars and can get out easily and start the crime again.CriminalAfter you escape from the prison, your role will be the criminal and increase the crime in the city. You can start your robbery at multiple locations and after the robbery you have to send money to the crime base. If by chance you are killed by the police or the hero of the city then you will be sent back to the prison again.HeroRead more: How to do t test in google sheetHeroes is different from the police, the only difference is that the police arrest the criminals and they directly kill them and put them behind bars again. Heroes have super powers like Hotrod, Inferno, Proton, Voltron, Frostbite, Titan and Archer so they can stop the crime rate in the city. If a hero is killed by a criminal than he can take away his super powers and become the Villain of the mad city.villainVillains are not added via menu, they have power when criminals kill a hero and get super powers, only they can enter below volcano and from there they can become Crows, Ghosts or Rykou.

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Weapons available in Mad City

  • Pistol
  • Pistol-WORLD
  • Deaf
  • TEC9
  • MP5
  • AK 47 GUN
  • Pistols
  • SPAS
  • Sniper
  • M4A1 (requires SWAT Game card)
  • SCAR (requires SCAR Game card)
  • AWP (Heavy Weapons Game pass required)
  • Death Ray (obtained after obtaining the Golden Key from the Pyramid)
  • Ray Gun (obtained via Red Airdrop Crate)
  • Minigun (obtained via red Airdrop Chest)
  • UZI-S (obtained via red Airdrop)
  • Frost Gun (acquired after obtaining Crystals from trees in the park)
  • Famas
  • Grenade
  • Tear Gas (obtained in the Police Base)
  • M32 (obtained in the Police Base)
  • RPG (Heavy Weapons Game pass required)
  • Baseball bat
  • Baton
  • Knife
  • Crowbar (obtained in The Cargo Heist)
  • Laser Blade (acquired after obtaining the Silver Key from Cargo Plane Heist)
  • Here are some steps you must follow to become a super violator in Mad City

    • Now when you choose a prisoner your first ultimate goal is to break out of the prison and this can be done in a few ways as follows
  • First look for a box.
  • You have to search for a trash can in the prison.
  • You must reach the door and Lockpick enter the door.
  • Access open vents in confined areas.
  • From the tunnel, there will be another vent.
  • Now you have broken out of the prison and try not to get caught by the police or the hero.
    • Get to the gun store or Criminal base as soon as possible and bring grenades, guns, and knives.
    • Now open menu option and click spawn option then select mini and you will get a car there.
    • Now go to the Hero’s base as soon as possible and wait for them to fall.
    • Try to kill the heroes as soon as they drop.
    • After you kill the hero, they can drop their super power.
    • Now you are the Villain of this crazy city and have more power than crime.
    • When you die as a villain, you will directly return to the villain’s base when you return.
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