How To Be Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is winning in life. If you’ve watched her vlogs, you’ll probably be filled with jealousy as she picks the car she wants to get to work, runs through her entire room full of bags, shows off her huge colored office. Her pink (complete with flat screen and kids room for Stormi) you can’t deny that she’s living her best life – living her dreams. But her impact on the world is entirely her own, in fact, she not only puts her name on the by-products but is also involved in the development, aesthetics, formulation and marketing process. town. She’s so involved in everything she does, that she even installed a room in her office for Stormi – that certainly shows how often she’s in the office and who she really is. How much time do you spend on your job? The vlog, while showing Kylie’s enviable life, also shows her work ethic and her devotion as a mother, a friend, and a career girl.kylie jenner planner 2Kylie’s has found the perfect balance to her day, between work, family outings and collaborations, taking time for herself, taking in photo sessions and appearing on TV. picture, enjoy life, think about new products and spend time with Travis and Stormi, she can lose her mind. But she’s found a clever way to incorporate family into her work life, taking care of herself with her glamorous team, and relying on modern technology to stay up to date. but. You just have to decide what’s important to you, stop procrastinating and enjoy life. Use our new brand Win At Life Magazinewe looked at how Kylie structures her average day to find out what helps her Win in life and continue. Read more: Transmission Cooler Flush 5:50 AM

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13652250 566609143522099 2120077213 n@kyliejenner In Kylie’s vlog, she shows how Stormi wakes her up by crying at almost six o’clock and although she usually wakes up earlier, she spent the morning letting her settle down and be safe. iron her before preparing for the new day. Kylie shows off her wardrobe and handbag collection in her vlog, which is enough to make anyone jealous and she’s careful to let everyone know that she works hard by explaining that she has a busy and comprehensive day. “First, I read all of my writing. I usually have a group because I have a lot of family members and we have a big family group chat. The main one is with my three sisters, Kendall and my mother. Then we have one person with that group plus Scott, then we have a separate person with that group plus Rob. ‘ she told Violet Grey. She then starts getting ready at around 8am, showering and having breakfast before joining her ‘glamor team’ and getting ready for the photo shoot. She wakes Stormi up at around 8 o’clock because she has to go to the farm with her cousins ​​in the morning, which is important for Kylie to balance family life with work life.



16908627 1758261121095864 8917242998677307392 n@kyliejenner Ylie’s meals help fuel her particularly busy day, for breakfast she tries to stay safe and eat the same every day. “Breakfast is boring now because I eat the same thing every day.” She speaks. Usually, she’ll have eggs, smashed avocados, and well-cooked bacon. you can see in her vlog, and then at dinner she can eat something a little heavier and allow herself to eat more carbs, especially if she’s going out to dinner with friends and family family. She usually grabs cookies or a savory snack if she feels hungry. This is smart, by providing her body with protein, she will give herself enough energy to work out and keep going throughout her busy day – when she treats herself to carbs, she She’ll work out regularly, choosing a HIIT workout to use up the carbs and protein she’s eaten during the day.

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61631280 136855400823805 7251788222414012313 n@kyliejenner: Kylie spends most of her day in her office, which is decorated in pink and black. She has a meeting in the morning with Kendall about the partnership they are working on, and then another meeting with her mother/business manager Kris. Kylie is fortunate that her personal goals, which include photoshoots, new product launches and launches, can also be tied to her family, so she never feels like she’s being ignored. isolated or lonely. to have fun in the office, “Sometimes, it’s hard to manage mom’s life and work life,” she says. “So that’s why I made her a bedroom here so she can stay with me and still have fun.” Mother’s goal. She ends her workday with a 4pm photo session and then goes home to spend time with friends or family.



13129415 1699417726989230 1989460842 n@kyliejenner One of the most important parts of Win At Life Magazine It’s time for family, friends, and relationships. You’ll notice when you check out Kylie’s average day that she spends as much time with family and friends as possible. Evenings after a long day at work, she still makes time to go out for friends’ birthdays, hang out with her family throughout the day, spend time with friends when she can, and make sure her daughter is always around. Balancing spending as much time as possible with her family (even using group chat to stay in touch with people while they’re busy and traveling) helps her prepare for a positive day . dead table

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