How To Be A Yandere – A Beginner’s Guide

Yandere article indexRead it: How to be a yandere Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a cute, cuddly psycho killer every now and then? Whether you want an excuse to cut someone off with a chainsaw in the name of love or just to pass the time by engaging your friends and family, this beginner’s guide to being a yandere is for you! Read more: how to give birth out of a doll’s crib boxThe First Step – The BasicsBefore a yandere can fall into an amorous frenzy, she – or he, in some cases – needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a subject of obsession ready. Every yandere needs an object of obsession that they are willing to torture, torture, and kill. While the most common type of pursuit/love interest is a good childhood friend, it could also be your new classmate, brother/sister, work partner, or even a friend. your teacher/professor. For more sex appeal, try to pick someone of the same sex to seduce you.
  • Be irresistible to everyone you meet. While you’ll likely kill them in gruesome ways by the end of the series, you’ll first have to present yourself as cute, innocent, and moe, seemingly incapable of cruelty or sadism. The cuter you are, the more shocking your eventual mental breakdown will be.
  • There are many housework skills, such as cooking, cleaning or sewing. Yandere must be completely dedicated to serve her love interests and be a good Waifu/Husband for them. This will also give you many weapon options, which we will discuss in the next step.
  • There is a traumatic event in the past that underlies your psychosis. No one will sympathize with a yandere crazy about lulz. However, try to hide this pain from all your friends for as long as you can until the plot begins to reveal tragedy.
  • NEVER SEARCH FOR HELP! It is paramount that a yandere never acknowledges his or her psychological imbalance or tries to seek any kind of therapy for it! After all, what’s the fun in being calm when you can easily steal the show by going crazy?
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    Second step – Choose a weaponYanderes has a wide selection of weapons. The easiest to obtain and most commonly used tend to be household items, such as:

    • Knife. A classic yandere weapon. Simply take the biggest knife in your kitchen and stab away.
    • Scissors. Perfect for stabbing or cutting small appendages, such as fingers, toes, your unfaithful lover’s naughty things.
    • Toxic. If it’s poisonous, it works. Pour a little bleach or grind a lethal mixture of drugs into the victim’s tea and they will either die or become sick and they will never come near your lover again.
    • Needles/syringes: While needles are not usually lethal, they can be used as an extremely painful means of torture. To kill stealthily and cleanly, use a syringe in combination with one of the poisons mentioned above.
    • Razor/razor blade. A small but versatile weapon. You can use a razor with a handle to clean the victim’s throat, or use the smaller blades as a “special ingredient” in your cakes or pies. For a slight variation, try using a precision knife or a box cutter.

    Read more: How to get rid of the smell of perforated partitionsHowever, a person can also use more conventional weapons if one has access to them. In fact, depending on the context and/or situation, conventional weapons can scare your victims even more. Few examples:

    • Sword. Are you in a world of swords and magic? Then the humble sword might be the easiest weapon to find and use. Modern gadgets such as scissors and laser cutters also fall into this category.
    • Ax and cutter. A favorite of yandere! Why kill cleanly when you can cut off a limb or decapitate someone with a quick blow?
    • Martial arts. While very atypical for a yandere, turning one’s vow to only use martial arts for self-defense into “trying to protect your one true love” can make for an interesting plot element. and creepy.
    • Spiritual power. Are you a scary kid rejected by the world for your dangerous powers? Then use those powers for your exact revenge against the world and all your opponents for your love!
    • Gun. Overused and boring. Use only as a last resort – and even then, shotguns are your only option for effective, messy kills.
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    Third step – Act like a YandereTo become a full-fledged yandere, it is imperative to practice and master the following basic yandere skills:

  • The psychopath laughs. Showing the world that you’ve gone completely insane is a simple matter of laughing and hysterical during your psychotic episode. It starts with a cute but sinister chuckle, then gradually transitions to a high-pitched, high-pitched chuckle. For the violent moments, engage in some frenetic action to really hit the point where you’ll spill blood and make your head roll.
  • Lifeless eyes. When entering a period of depression or psychosis, you must first make the highlights in your eyes completely disappear, symbolizing detachment from reality. If you’re having trouble doing so, ask your animator to help you or use Photoshop.
  • Temper. Let the person who took your valuables out of you know what they did. For the first part of your voice, use a low but angry tone. When the other party protests, shout “LIAR!!” or “SHUT!!“At the top of your lungs. By the end of the words, start shouting more and more until all you have left to say is “YOU SHOULD DIE!!“,”GET ME BACK ____- KUN / -CHAN“, or simply “DIED! DIED! DIED! DIED!“.
  • Stalking. Following is an important part of getting to know people, especially your love relationship and your opponent. By following them home, watching them through a window, or even breaking in and out, you can learn a lot more about the people they once wanted anyone to know. This information will later come in handy for accidentally disabling your love interest or blackmailing your opponent.
  • Scary way of writing/drawing. Writing or drawing repeatedly and haunting creepy words, phrases or images, including but not limited to: your lover’s name, the words “dead”, “die”, “sorry” or “help” me”, threats against your opponents, or scenes of violence involving said opponents.
  • Bitter suicide. If all else fails and your lover still rejects you (after all you’ve done for them, ungrateful person!), you will refuse to live without him/her or want to make him/her she must regret. Be prepared to take on your own life, preferably in front of your lover, in the most disturbing and painful way you can think of. Popular choices include jumping from a bridge/building, slitting the wrist, or hanging.
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    These are just the basics of being a yandere. As with any skill, it takes time, practice, and a lot of patience. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you should take the time to hone your yandere personality into something that’s completely yours. Follow these steps and you too can turn any generic romantic/harem anime into something creepy and memorable! Read more: how to tell if the black cat jordan 4 is fake 8 years ago | 113 notes | Tagged yandere yandereology Reposted

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