How To Attach A Guitar Strap Without A Knob

No strap buttons on your new guitar? No problem. This is not the end of the world and there are quick fixes for that. If you don’t know how to string a guitar without buttons, this article can help you. It offers three of the most efficient ways to button a strap, including drilling? The two methods also cover that process. However, there’s nothing to worry about making holes in your guitar – it’s very safe as long as you follow the instructions carefully. Unless you have classical or limited edition guitars, of course, you don’t want to do anything on them. However, if you have a school guitar and you’re more comfortable with a guitar strap, the easiest way to fasten the buttons is to drill a hole.

Quick guitar strap overview


When playing the guitar standing up, it’s best to wear a guitar strap. When installed properly, the guitar strap will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed even for hours. On the other hand, a guitar strap can also be very uncomfortable, especially if you don’t attach it properly. So even a simple guitar strap needs to be in place for better playing. Most straps have a hole on opposite ends and an adjustment system (triple adjustment or through-through adjustment). There’s no strict rule about the direction of a guitar strap, but for convenience, the strap’s tuning end should face the bottom (or pin) for easy and quick access.

In most cases…

For electric guitars, it is very easy to attach a guitar strap because they have two strap buttons – one on the bottom and the other on the top of the horn or on the heel. With two buttons, you can easily attach one end (the end with an adjustment system) to the lower pin, while the opposite end to the horn or heel pin. Read more: How to make Steampunk jewelry | Top Q & AAcoustic guitars usually have only one strap button – at the heel of the lower string. So this means you need to do something more. With just one strap button, you need to drill a second strap at the heel or at the base of the neck.62 compression1If you don’t want to drill, you can attach a rope at the top of the lock, just outside the nut below the wire. Secure the laces (perhaps shoelaces) in place. Then attach the opposite end of the guitar strap to the string, while the other end to the strap button already installed on the bottom of the guitar. This configuration may seem awkward, but then it is the best and more stable alternative if you say no to drilling your guitar.

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How to put a strap on a guitar without buttons?

Don’t panic if you don’t see any strap buttons in your brand new guitar. This is a common problem faced by guitarists, especially for classical acoustic guitars. And, there is not one, but three ways to fix this problem.

Drill two strap holes

Strap holes are usually found on the bottom of the guitar on the lower beat and in the heel or upper horn or at the base of the neck. So if you don’t see any buttons, you can drill them into your guitar. The advantage of drilling holes is that you can customize the size and design of the guitar strap button you want to add. If you need to drill a pin, make sure the hole is in the center of the bottom. This part of the guitar has a block of wood. That block will be your target and where the screw needs to be attached. If not, you will be in trouble. Read more: how to make shredded chicken sandwich with canned chicken For a neck or heel pin, make sure the placement doesn’t interfere with the guitar’s playability. Maybe, look for a point in the neck or heel toward the high E string (towards the heel’s negative three) and look for a screw supply for more grip on the wood. This YouTube video will walk you through step-by-step on how to drill a hole in your guitar right at the fattest part of the heel:

Just drill a hole and tie the lock head

To minimize drilling, you can just drill the pins and use laces (shoelaces) at the ends of the nails. The process of drilling a pin is the same as the previous section. As for the cord, you must secure it just behind the nut towards the head buckle, below the cord. Attach the opposite end of the strap to the rope, and the other end to the pin you drilled.

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No drilling

If you have a classical or expensive guitar and you don’t want to do anything harsh with it, you don’t need to drill a hole in any part of your guitar. Simply find a guitar strap with a closed loop to wear around the neck or over one shoulder and the other, but still provide comfort. This loop strap does not have a pinhole, instead it has a braided lace at the end of the loop with a plastic hook.63 compression1From the back of the guitar, guide the hook thread toward the sound hole, past the guitar’s waist. Attach the hook on the bottom rim of the sound hole and make sure it won’t get in the way as you play. You can wear the strap like a necklace, leaving the guitar to rest on the braided lace. Of course, this is not safe, so one hand must always hold the guitar when not playing.


No strap buttons on your guitar? It shouldn’t be a problem because it’s very easy to drill strap pins on your guitar. It’s safe to add pins or strap buttons, but if you don’t want to do anything crazy (scary) with your guitar, get a loop strap, the kind that you can hook into the sound hole. and wear it as a necklace. Therefore, your problem of how to place the strap on a guitar without buttons can easily be fixed. Read more: how to delete undeletable files in Android

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