How To Approach A Group Of Girls

Have you ever laid eyes on a group of really hot girls at a party or in a bar? Say, at least four of them? It’s like Christmas, only you can’t take them off, because you can’t approach a group of girls like that, can you? It’s too awkward, randomly breaking into a group. And scary. But seriously, it’s hot, and you really want to get to know these girls. You’re in luck, because I’m here to show you how to approach a group of girls – and I’ll give you the tools to do it! First step: ask a friend to burn your money if you don’t reach out.

Overcoming anxiety when approaching

I’m not pulling your Johnson. Give your friend a $20 bill and a lighter, then ask him to count down from 10. If you don’t get close to that group by 0, 20 yours will catch on fire. Trust me, by the time you’ve burned 60 bucks, you’ll be approaching girls like there’s no tomorrow. Lesson learned: don’t shoot yourself in the crotch. You need to get over your anxiety. If you can reach one person, why not a group? All you need is confidence and practice, and nothing is at stake. Chances are you’ll never see these people again. Yes, you will feel awkward and unsafe, and land on your butt. Definitely. But that’s how you learn. You’ll never move forward if you don’t push your comfort zone, so get out there and do it.

Approach: Body language.

Read more: how to start ford merge 2015 with deadly key foba) Walk up: this is no different than going to meet a good group of friends. Take your hands out of your pockets, and breathe slowly and consciously as you walk. Just look at them, and ignore the things around. You want to be aware of the present moment, but not be distracted by it. Also, don’t move too close: you don’t want to invade their space. Stop close enough that you can talk to them easily without leaning forward. B) Posture: leaning is bad. You will be an intruder entering the group’s space, plus, you will appear needy and clingy. Instead, you just want to lean back a little, with your feet slightly apart. You will take up some space and it shows that you are an easygoing and relaxed person. C) Smile, but don’t overdo it: with a bright smile, you radiate positive energy. However, by smiling everywhere at everything they say and do, you will go overboard. Let your face reflect a positive attitude, but be serious or serious when needed, for example when giving a humorous line. D) Gestures: like I said earlier, get your hands out of your pocket! Use them while you speak. To start, cross your arms in front of your chest for a good position. I always emphasize making eye contact, so do it. Plus, solve them all. Focus on one person so you don’t appear all over the place, but pay attention to others regularly to attract them. You will find that the person you address becomes an anchor as you keep others engaged.

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Approach: Say what.

Read more: How to say silence in Japanese Can be anything from “hello” to “I love ice cream!” What always works best for me is clear, straightforward honesty: “Hello. You guys seem to have a lot of fun, so I decided to drop by and see you guys! “Hey, I noticed you so I thought I’d talk to you.” Don’t ask questions, they suck energy out of the interaction. Instead, spark the conversation with your own input. For a single person, you might comment: “You laugh a lot, you must be a great person.” Talk to friends you’re at, tell them why this is your favorite bar, or talk about a great bar you discovered during your vacation in Paris. group of girls. One or more, it doesn’t matter. The most important realization to you is that the numbers don’t make much of a difference. You are still there to enjoy yourself. Share that! However, since you are speaking to a group, you want to make sure that you keep them engaged on the same level as you would with a person – through eye contact and personal involvement. Otherwise, you will lose everything. And again, here’s your most important piece of advice: practice, practice, practice. Social dynamics are complex, but you can find patterns and work with them.

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