How To Adjust Aperture On Canon 60d

Canon EOS 60D is one of the most popular cameras. It is suitable for all types of photographers, from amateur to professional. But some newbies don’t know how to use it. So today, we’ll help you master it. We’ll go over the three most important aspects of a camera: shutter speed, aperture, and HDR.

1. Canon 60D . shutter speed setting


Shutter speed is the length of time the camera’s shutter is open. It determines how your photo is exposed to light. The longer the shutter speed, the brighter your photo will be. Read: how to adjust aperture on Canon 60dThere are 2 ways to control shutter speed of Canon EOS 60D. You can change it in Tv mode (shutter speed priority) or in Manual mode can be enabled via the mode dial on the top of the camera. It allows you to manually control the shutter speed. AI is responsible for the rest of the other settings. After switching to Tv mode, rotate the top dial to adjust the shutter speed. The value will appear in the preview screen, there is an indicator on the preview screen. It will warn when your desired image is overexposed or underexposed. Based on that, you can choose the second method of shutter which is to change the shutter speed in Manual mode. Select Manual mode from the mode dial. It is displayed as “M” so that the shutter speed change is maintained as in Tv mode. Scroll the top dial to set the desired shutter speed. However, shutter speed is an exceptional number. There are other photographic aspects that can affect it. ISO is one of those values. The ISO number determines the sensitivity of your camera. The more sensitivity you have, the more light and noise you will get. And when there is enough light, you can have a faster shutter speed. Previously, increasing the ISO number could increase the shutter speed. Just press the ISO button on top of your camera. A list of available ISOs will appear. Faster shutter speeds are great for reducing the effect of shake. But higher ISO also means more noise. Little white dots no better than blurred are the work of a good photographer. Try to balance these two values ​​to create a quality photo. While maintaining a fast enough shutter speed, you must choose the lowest ISO like carefully and your efforts will pay off. It helps to focus on the targets when shooting, making them clear and prominent. Furthermore, when autofocus is set on any subject, the shooting process will be shortened. It doesn’t take time to set goals. It quickly recognizes objects among hundreds of other things. So when you’re done with the speed adjustment phase, press the shutter button halfway. This will automatically focus on the desired target and speed up the shooting time. You can also use Drive mode to take multiple photos. When you set it to High-speed Continuous, you will shorten the shooting interval by a considerable amount. Or you can also turn off Image Review after each shot. This will not affect the operation of the shutter, but the entire shooting action.Summary:

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To change the Shutter Speed ​​of Canon 60D, you need to follow these steps:

  • Switch to Tv mode or Manual mode
  • Scroll the top dial to adjust the value
  • Increase ISO to decrease shutter speed
  • Press the shutter button halfway to set the autofocus point on the target
  • Use Drive mode and High-speed Continuous option
  • Shutter speed can be adjusted in several ways. As a photographer, you need to try and practice a lot to find a good mix of change. But for aperture, you don’t have that many methods.

    2. Canon 60D . Aperture Setting

    Changing the aperture is a bit easier than the shutter speed above. Aperture is the hole through which light passes. The more open it is, the more light reaches your sensor. When the aperture is large, your photo will be lighter. The target subject will be more focused and clear, and the depth of field will be narrower. Everything is the opposite when the aperture is small. Depending on your objective and shooting situation, you can decide on the appropriate aperture size. There are also 2 ways to manually control the aperture: in Av mode (aperture priority mode) and Manual mode. Both can be set by changing the mode dial on the Canon EOS 60D. In Av mode, AI will help decide all necessary settings, except aperture. That’s your business. Rotate the top dial to select the available aperture values ​​your camera has. Then press the shutter button halfway to lock the subject. In Manual mode, things are different. You can no longer dial the top number. You can control everything in this mode. So you need to use different conversions for each setting. The top dial is used to change the shutter speed. Now you have to use the quick control on the camera body to choose the aperture. Just rotate it in increments from left to right and right to left to decrease the F-number. If you can’t adjust the aperture value, check the Unlock button nearby. This is a switch to prevent unintentional changes by touch. Uncheck it and you can do anything with your aperture size. Remember to press this button again to keep your aperture setting fixed.Summary:

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    To change the Canon 60D aperture, you need to follow these steps:

  • Turn on Av mode or Manual mode
  • (Av mode) Rotate the top dial
  • (Manual mode) Quick control rotation
  • Press the shutter button halfway to lock the target
  • Read more: how to replace a sump pump Now you know how to master Shutter Speed ​​and Aperture. Then we come to HDR, which you need to have the AI ​​do for you.

    3. Canon 60D . HDR Settings

    HDR is a feature that comes with the Canon EOS 60D. You can only use it by selecting the AEB (automatic exposure bracketing) option on the camera. Basically, you can have an HDR photo by combining 3 photos of a scene at three different exposures. Underexposed, normal and overexposed photos will be merged into one HDR photo.Switch to Av mode, then select AEB in the options menu. Make sure your camera’s flash is off or it will ruin your low-light shots. Low ISO is also recommended for low-light photography. Adjust your desired zoom length and aperture, as well as your favorite angle. Now press the shutter button. Your camera will do everything automatically. It will take three photos with three different EVs (exposure values), then it will process the photos and create the final product. That’s how you can take HDR photos with the Canon EOS 60D.Summary:

    To take an HDR photo on the Canon EOS 60D, you need:

  • Switch to Av . mode
  • Select the AEB . option
  • Flash off
  • Lower ISO value
  • Adjust the aperture and press the shutter button halfway to lock the setting
  • Press the shutter button all the way down and wait for the camera to process
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    In general, you can control shutter speed and aperture through Tv mode and Av mode. You can also control both in Manual mode. You can use the top dial and quick control to adjust shutter speed and aperture respectively. You can create HDR images by enabling the AEB feature on the Canon EOS 60D. Try them out, master your camera and become a professional photographer! Read more: How long do you let your breasts rest?

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