How To Add Length To A Shirt

Sharing is caring! Read more: how to make hearts with wall paintingsRead: how to add length to a shirt After having two kids, things changed and I found that some of my t-shirts felt too short (find 20+ ways to revamp clothes) too small here!). Adding a faux second layer and a pocket accentuates this plain white t-shirt – now it covers my back and I can wear it with leggings! If you are a beginner in fashion innovation and do not have an “inventory” of clothes to go to workCheck out my tips for shopping for refurbishments and forklifts! If you already have a shirt, Read my tips for really sewing waiters here! how to stretch a t-shirtI am very happy with how it turned out! Check out 13+ t-shirt refurbishment fashion ideas for more inspiration!the first twoHere are two shirts I started with – both knit t-shirts. The pink one is a bit lighter in weight and larger by some dimensions, which has given me more material to work with.Refurbished simple t-shirtI was originally thinking of putting pink as a longer peplum top, on the outside, similar to this leopard print look from years ago, but when I actually tried it on, I decided to put it lower. . T-shirt renovation guideRead more: how to clean hepa filter shark camcorderThis is a simple refurbishment; it will be a great first project! Ready to make your own? You can pin this tutorial for how to add fabric to the bottom of a shirt using this link or collage image:Check out how to fix up a t-shirt that's too short! This easy-to-match t-shirt fashion idea also creates a fresh look. How to add fabric to the bottom of a shirtMunition

  • 2 knit (aka stretch) t-shirts – the skirt needs to be a bit larger if you want it to look a bit squishy
  • Ball Needle * – important to use when sewing knits, standard needles will tear small holes!
  • Coordination theme
  • I recommend a tape measure / cutting mat / acrylic rotary cutter* for the straightest cuts, but sharp scissors and a ruler will work too!
  • Pin
  • Iron
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Stepsstep 11- Cut out your pocket! Use sharp scissors and make sure to cut off the back without cutting through any stitches.Step 22- Tape or staple the bag and try on the shirt, making sure it’s in the position you like. I also use tape to mark my natural waistline – at first I thought that’s where I wanted to start wearing peplum tops but changed my mind! Sew the top of the bag in, making sure not to leave the top open, if you want it to be a functional bag.Step 33- Trim the bottom of your second shirt – remember it’s easier to cut off than to trim any extra back! I just picked up the shirt and guessed where to cut it, leaving myself with a messy gap. After trying it out, I cut out some details. Use an acrylic ruler and rotary cutter for the cleanest cut! Read more: How long does it take to cook tamaSTEP 4 (1)4-Time to rally! There are many ways to collect fabric, my favorite is to turn the stretch wheel as high as possible, and stretch the stitch as long as it will move. Sew right along the rough edge and the fabric will magically come together.step 55-Second coat inside and pin it. I decided that the 3.5 inch length is right for me, after trying it out! Make sure that your side seams are aligned and that the fabric is evenly assembled. No specific numbers – I just pull the set tighter or looser as I go to make sure both layers fit together.step 56. Time to get lucky! Make sure you use a stretch stitch – lightning bolt or triple stitch. I prefer the three-stitch stitch.refurbished t-shirt2Accomplished! I would actually wear a longer, longer shirt. Do you wear this fashion? Sharing is caring! Read more: how to make hearts with wall paintings

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