How To Add Green Screen In Sony Vegas

[Tutorial] Simple steps to download Sony Vegas green screen video If you want to make some highly creative videos, then using Sony Vegas green screen effect will be a good choice. This feature allows users to have more possibilities in video creation. Instead of using green screen footage, you can run the Sony Vegas chroma key to achieve this effect easily. Therefore, you can shoot Hollywood-style at home without much effort. Some people may wonder if using a green screen in Sony Vegas is difficult. Well, it doesn’t matter too much. This article provides a complete guide to the Sony Vegas blue screen. Moreover, it is also a good way to bypass all kinds of blue screen errors in Sony Vegas software. Read: how to add blue screen in Sony vegas

  • Part 1: How to use blue screen in Sony Vegas Pro
  • Part 2: Recommendation – Enable 3D Settings on your Sony Vegas Video

Part 1: How to use blue screen in Sony Vegas Pro

Step 1 Enter the green screen entry and its replacement Run Sony Vegas Pro on your Windows PC. Import green screen footage. So you can watch the video clip in timeline track 1. Then you need to add video or image file to replace to Sony Vegas 2 track. You can adjust the same duration for both sheet music. So, everything will be easier once you start replacing the blue screen in Sony Vegas.Step 2 Activate Sony Vegas Event FX Now you need to find and click on the “Event FX…” icon on the bottom right of the screen. timeline. This option allows the user to add an effect or an event or edit the event effect. In fact, you can hover over the icon to see its name. Then a new window pops up with lots of effects and plugins. Activate Sony Vegas Event FXStep 3 Adjusting the Sony Vegas Chroma Key Scroll down and select the “Sony Chroma Keyer” option. You can enable “Split screen view” above the preview video. Then set it to FX bypassed to clamp the subject with the Chroma key. You can then open Chroma Keyer settings to adjust related video effects including color, low flow, high threshold, amount of blur, and masking. Sony Vegas Chroma key adjustmentStep 4 Set Sony Vegas transparent desktop Read more: how to make your best friend your girlfriend You can select the color you want to remove from the video preview window with an eyedropper from track 1. Then, merge left object with track 2 all the way to transparent background. As a result you can successfully make the Sony Vegas transparent blue screen. Set Sony Vegas background transparent screenNote: That doesn’t mean you have to choose “Green” from the “Colors” menu. You can also choose other colors to apply the Sony Vegas blue screen effect.Step 5 Using the blue screen in Sony Vegas with Chroma Key Once customized, click the red “x” option on the top of the screen to exit the window. Sooner, you can watch the video with all the adjustments you’ve made. If you are not satisfied with a certain object, you can return to reap the benefits of Chroma Keyer. Select the “Save” option to apply your new changes. You can then export this video or share it directly on social networks. And you can also apply new effects to perfect your Sony Vegas green screen video.

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Part 2: Recommendation – Enable 3D Settings on your Sony Vegas Video

Moreover, you can run Aiseesoft Video converter Ultimate to enable 3D settings and apply other powerful effects easily. This is a powerful video editor with a user-friendly interface. Thus, you can achieve all video and audio customizations within a few clicks. What’s more, this Sony Vegas alternative allows users to enhance video quality with just one click. So, if you want to stabilize wobbly video and make it visually dynamic, then you can go here to solve the problem.

  • Convert video and audio over 1000 formats on Windows and Mac PC.
  • Download online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo, etc
  • Supports HD/4K UHD and 3D conversion.
  • Edit any video or audio with powerful features and real-time preview window.
  • Enhance video quality in 4 different aspects.
  • Add external subtitles or audio tracks to your favorite movies.

Easy steps to create high quality 3D videos

Step 1 Import video to Video Converter Ultimate Read more: How to disable developer mode samsung s7 Free download and install Video Converter Ultimate on your Windows or Mac computer. Then launch this program and select “Add file” at the top. Select your target video from the pop-up, then click “Open” to confirm your changes. Add filesStep 2 Enable 3D Settings Click “3D” on the top toolbar. And you can also select “Edit” and then click “3D” to go to the same page. Tick ​​the small box before “Enable 3D Settings”. You can then adjust the 3D effect with a variety of easy-to-use filters. Click “Apply” to save your changes. Enable 3D . settingsStep 3 Enhance Video Quality Select “Advanced” in the “Edit” window. Now you can have 4 different options to improve output video quality with just one click. Moreover, you can click “Apply to all” to improve video quality in bulk easily. Improve video qualityNote: You can select “Rotate”, “Crop”, “Effect” and “Watermark” at the top to customize the video in different aspects. Well, no matter what edits you make, you can always get a real-time preview window to monitor any small changes instantly. “Profile” at the bottom. There are different preset configurations you can get. Also, select “Settings” next to it to adjust output video quality and other configuration settings. Finally, click “Convert” to export your video. Export videoAlthough Sony Vegas Pro allows users more space to customize with video and audio files, it is not always the best choice for everyone, not only because of the high price but also the delivery. complex user interface. So, if you want to achieve video and audio customizations easily, then Video Converter Ultimate might be more suitable for you. Well, that’s all about how to create a Sony Vegas green screen and trigger the 3D effect. Hope you enjoyed this article.Read more: Europa Universalis 4: How to Embrace the Renaissance | Top Q&A

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