How To Acid Wash A Shirt

But Becca, I think this is a blog about writing and books and malarky, not DIY projects. Why are you posting about a full return to the pre-80s season? I don’t know, because I can? In fact, here’s the basic story: I got bleach on one of my favorite shirts. Honey. So, I looked on the internet about how to make my own t-shirt washing acid, and I found that there were a lot of conflicting instructions. Use pure bleach, not pure bleach. Wet the t-shirt first, don’t wet the shirt first. Read: how to wash shirts with acid So I decided to do a little experiment to see which method worked best before I recklessly poured bleach on my Forever 21 crop top rack. .And then share my knowledge with all of you! If you choose to purchase using my Amazon links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.



Regardless of which instructions you follow, you’ll most likely need roughly the same supplies, as follows:

  • old t-shirts (I have some excess that I don’t care about, so I chose four different colors for easy identification, though I guess if you don’t want to sacrifice any of your own t-shirts , you can always buy a simple number to mess with)
  • bleach
  • country
  • a spray bottle or two (I could only find one so I reused it)
  • a bowl or bucket that you don’t care about (for washing after bleaching)
  • elastic
  • Safety glasses
  • rubber gloves
  • the surface you don’t care about (or the surface covered with newspaper or something, but better on the outside)

safety first!acid wash suppliesIt was also a windy day

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I decided to test the four main methods I came across while searching the Internet. While there are certainly more variations, if I tried to test every variation, I would probably go crazy. so the four methods (and their respective t-shirts) are as follows:

  • blue t-shirt: flattened, sprayed with pure bleach
  • purple t-shirt: flattened, sprayed with bleach solution 50/50
  • teal blue t-shirt: tied with an elastic band (tie dye style), sprayed with pure bleach
  • black t-shirt: tied with an elastic band, sprayed with bleach solution 50/50

acid wash t-shirtSkip me all shirts left for ten minutes or more and then rinsed in water. Obviously, you’ll want to wash them, too.


simple method

Read more: how to make 808 hard fl studio hits So for the ones I just sprayed with willy-nilly bleach, here’s how they came out:acid wash t-shirtOkay, so here’s what I learned: putting a flat t-shirt on the ground and just spraying bleach, diluted or not, will present some problems. Specifically, it looks like you just sprayed some bleach on your t-shirt. Also, there is an obvious crease along the seams even though I sprayed it from front and back, so I had to try to fix that. : The spray bottle is a good applicator, but it’s better to use the “flow” setting, not the “spray” setting, otherwise you will bleach the entire shirt and lose any contrast. which counter.Out of the two flat shirts, I think I prefer the blue (pure bleach) one just because I have more spray paint. With the purple one, I was a little bit happy and sprayed it all over, thinking that diluted bleach wouldn’t bleach everywhere. Obviously it did.

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tie dye method

The flat method isn’t a bad one and you have more control over where the bleach goes, but I definitely prefer the tie dye method. And here’s why:acid wash t-shirtI mean better, the bleached parts definitely become more discrete, but I really like the way it turned out! Maybe soaking it in a bleach or bleach solution will produce more dramatic results, so maybe I’ll try that next time just for ice. soaked it in bleach solution, and it didn’t work for me! Think using bleach or a 50/50 solution would work – it just depends on how much color you want. . The black, on the other hand, turns orange – which is normal for a black t-shirt, I think, but I’m sure pure bleach would produce an even lighter orange. So it really just depends on a) the color of the shirt and b) the desired effect. Personally, I think dark shirts should be pure bleached. Read more: how to look like an angel. I just did a spiral, but you can definitely look up different hair dye methods and hit the street. Acid washing is literally the inverse of tie dye, so you can create some pretty cool hairstyles. You won’t get that patchy look unless you spray it afterwards. hmm…

so who wins?

Based on my results, this is what I would do for a regular cotton t-shirt:

  • Wrap it up with an elastic band in the style of your choice
  • Spray pure bleach for dark colors, diluted bleach for lighter colors. sit for ten minutes or so.
  • use the spray in the “flow” setting to add splashes of paint where/if desired.
  • wash, wash, wear.
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    Here’s what I did on the bleach-stained shirt that inspired this project – because it’s a light color and the fabric is thin, I used diluted bleach, which is a good name. The rest I did the same and this is the end result:acid wash shirtI’m really really happy with how it turned out! You can easily mimic my totally on-trend style with your own crop top or any similarly styled plain cotton shirt. Start with a sleep shirt). (2020 update: I wear both of those shirts all the time!) So if you’ve recently damaged a perfectly fine shirt with bleach or you feel like ruining a shirt perfectly fine with bleach, try this acid wash method and see what you think! I hope it goes well for you, and if it does, let me know about it! Do you have your own acid wash method? Did you find this helpful? Problem? Am I cut for do-it-yourself articles or should I stick to other evil stuff? Comment below! Read more: Do laundry the right way with my Amana High Efficiency Washer and Dryer

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