How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk

In this week’s user-submitted question, we’ll answer the question: How tall do you have to be to throw a basketball over a 10-foot rim?Many basketball players dream of being able to dive, but are under the mistaken impression that diving is a skill limited to the tallest. ft 7 in / 2.01m (based on player stats from 1985 to 2006), it’s easy to see why many people think so, however, this assumption is completely wrong. While being taller offers a significant advantage, shorter people are most likely to ride on a 10-foot rim. (Of course, being able to dunk effectively on a court full of giants protecting you is another story.) To answer the question, we need to look first. two main statistics determine if you can dunk or not. They are 1) your vertical reach and 2) your vertical jump.

Standing reach

Standing reach is the height you can reach with one arm while standing. To measure it, simply stand up and reach as high as you can. Much less so. But when it comes to jumping, standing reach is everything! Height obviously helps you gain standing ability, but your arm length is also a major factor.Your limb length and wingspan are just as important as your height. a person’s standing reach is about 1.33 times their height. We looked at NBA Draft Combine statistics from 2015 to 2018 and looked at how the ratio of height reach (standing reach divided by height) varied between players.Reach rate and standing height in NBA draft combined 2015-2018As you can see from the chart, the NBA outlook is skewed to the right. In other words, Basketball seems to favor players with longer armsRead more: how to score 700 on sat Math measure your standing reach for a better idea of ​​whether tunneling is within your reach (pun intended).

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Vertical jump

Another factor that determines whether or not you can dunk is your vertical jump. You can also learn how to measure your vertical jump. This part is more interesting, because while height and reach are genetically determined, you can practice your vertical jump. There are many training programs that can boost your vertical significantly. The phone with which I personally have had the most success is the Vert Shock, and you can read more about my experience with the program. Note: An upward run will usually add 3-7 inches.Infographic 2 on how good your vertical jump isNow, let’s get a rough idea of ​​how easy or difficult it can be to dunk depending on your height.

Difficulty: 5 7 – 5 9 ″

While not impossible, diving at this altitude would be difficult for most people. Let’s say you’re 5 feet 9 and of average arm length. You’ll then have a standing reach of about 7 feet 7 inches, which means you’ll need to jump 29 inches to reach the rims. To dunk, you’ll need to jump about 35 inches high, which is considered impressive even in professional sports. In the NBA, there are players who consistently make vertical jumps over 40 inches that allow them to perform spectacular jumps in the game. Popular examples are Nate Robinson and Spud Webb. However, to achieve this level of fitness will be very difficult.Infographic 2 on how good your vertical jump isNate Robinson is only 5 9 but has already surpassed some of the most common dunks seen in the NBA

Challenge: 5 10 – 6

If you are nearly 6 meters tall, jumping will become a lot easier. between a 5 foot 9 person and a 6 foot tall person is just 3 inches, it’s actually a lot easier than this height for two reasons. Read more: how to change a dress that won’t pull up | First, when you’re working out and are about to reach your physical limits, the last few inches are the hardest to reach. In this range of heights, very few people will be able to jump down without honing their jumping skills. However, with some training, you should be able to dunk quite comfortably.

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Normal: 6 1 – 6 3

At this height, athletes will be able to jump without any serious form of training. , dunking will prove no challenge.Nate r dunkFootball players become excellent jumpers when they practice explosiveness

Easy: 6 4 +

Despite being this tall, you still need to be physically fit to be able to submerge, after some explosive conditions diving should be relatively easy. You have a big advantage over a person of average size, however, as the human body gets larger, reaction time, acceleration, and power-to-weight ratio decrease. Smaller bodies are usually more athletic than larger bodies. (Human body size and laws of proportions, Thomas Samaras 2006).football 622873 960 720Therefore, it is rare to see sprinters like the legendary 6′ 5″ tall Usain Bolt. He’s a huge exception to the rule – most sprinters fall below the 6-minute mark.

Want Dunk?

Want to dunk but lack the dance moves? If you want to learn about the science behind jumping and the best exercises to increase your vertical jumping, check out and check out our Ultimate Jump Guide. Read more: stellaris how to win the war | Top Q&A

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