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I’m NOT an expert but I have some shareable work experience. You need experience to be great. This is my collection of instructions, tips, and notes for creating a 12-page comic. Read: how to draw chest hair My method is to do the opposite. Personally, I work “backwards” because the back end is the only absolutely necessary page or set of tables in the story. Everything in between is open to editing and hacking as the most important moments are emphasized and selected. I even plan/draw the last page first. The backend is the last page the reader sees – so spend your freshest energies making it as grand, memorable, poignant and beautiful as #$%^&. If you draw pages 1 through 12 in a row, you risk the refresh to burn – the uneven distribution of drawing skills. (treat the first page and the 2-page splash as you would on the last).PictureRoughly… the steps to create your comic are

  • … START WRITE (NO SURPRISE NO PROBLEM) like this, in the following order:

    • How does it end?
    • Protag success or failure?
    • What was the turning point of their story?
    • What led them there?
    • Where does it start?
    • Who is this guardian?


    • The guy was mauled by a bear.
    • This is a failure for the other half of the guy.
    • The bear must eat something or it will starve to death.
    • It’s the guy’s fault, the bear can’t find other food. He caused an avalanche that covered all the cabins.
    • The guy was diving in an avalanche.
    • The guy is a certain guy.

    CREATE “BEAT TABLE” Take the things above and rearrange them properly.

  • This guy yodels.
  • Roll echo.
  • Snow slides down.
  • The avalanche buried the mountain.
  • The cabins were submerged.
  • This bear does not have access to food and litter in the cabin.
  • Bear eats this guy.
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    Extend. Blow important beats for emphasis. Keep less important spans brief.

  • This guy is hiking in the snowy mountains.
  • He caught an avalanche warning sign.
  • There was no one around but him.
  • A dumbfounded expression appeared on his face and he shouted.
  • The echo rolls but nothing nearby is moved.
  • At the top of the mountain, the snow fell convulsively.
  • The young man, satisfied, hiked away from there still intoxicated.
  • Frozen snow cracks.
  • Snow fell in waves and large chunks of ice fell onto the mountainside.
  • Guy sees this and drags it down to safer ground.
  • Animals, people, all were panicking and being pushed over by the rushing snow.
  • The cabins were destroyed.
  • The guy took cover with a raised rock, fastened himself to the rock face and waited for the avalanche to die down.
  • The avalanche is dying.
  • A lone bear prowled from the other side of the mountain.
  • The bear went to the place where there was once a wooden house (only the tile roof remained). Bear sniffs a satellite dish.
  • Bears don’t want to eat food wrappers.
  • Bear tries to dig.
  • The boy came down from the rocks he was climbing and saw the bear.
  • Bear stopped digging and saw him.
  • The boy runs.
  • Bear chases him.
  • Bears eat humans.
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    • After the beat board, write down all the sound effects, speech bubbles, and dialogue/dialogue you want to have in your comic.
    • Since comics are a visual medium, the highest priority is given to rhythm. If a story can’t be told with art without dialogue – you’ve messed up and it’s time to rethink your life choices.
    • Try to keep all of your text as short as a tweet. Technically, you don’t want more than 25 words per speech bubble and no more than 250 words per page.
    • Next is translating the rhythm to the pages…
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    STRUCTURE OVERVIEW:[1] entry point, in res media, hero intro[2][3] conflict. Set conflict, context and mood by third page.[4][5] incremental action/wrong resolution to conflict/investigation[6][7] turning point / plot change / epiphany (this is an epic image, to spread the page is important, put a lot of effort into making this)[8][9] consequences / “darkness before dawn” / struggle[10][11] recover / “rise and conquer” / “fall down”[12] settlement / final end / cliff[front cover][interior][interior][back cover]——————- My maximum of each page is nine but I have seen pages more than that. I’d like to have about 3 to 4 panels per row or less but I’ve seen the “rule” broken before. Advanced cartoonists manipulate time with the number of tiles and the size of each tile. Remember, DIAGNOSIS!!! opens up a matter of batman, superman, spiderman, deadpool or whatever you’re reading they’re everywhere.PictureRead more: how to get my girlfriend to send nudity ———-… DRAW IN THIS COMMANDS:

    • Page 12,
    • Pages 6 and 7 (this is usually a large image that takes up two pages of space),
    • Page 1,
    • and then the rest.

    ONLY “abbreviations” ALLOWED:

    • Pages 12 and 1 *
    • Pages 6 and 7,
    • and then the rest.

    * Draw the first and last page as a spread in situations where the beginning of the story reflects the end of the story. Finally, death. Read more: how to get my girlfriend to send nudity ———- (If the same ends, you find out you need more pages and absolutely unavoidable and absolutely necessary, you have to add them. four pages. Try to stick to 12 pages for this crash course.) ——————- MORE NOTES:

    • Plan and plot the pages in the spread (two parts) as this is how it will appear in print and when you send them to an editor for review, guess what, pages with an exception to the page First and last will be considered as spreads.
    • You only need one setting panel and environment (scene) per page.
    • Forget the “true to life” point of view outside of the settings panel). Practice diagonal composition of objects and subjects in the table. For dynamism.
    • You don’t have to present all the text at once (a paragraph or a bubble). You can and should break up paragraphs, sentences, and if you need to separate words – to create smaller, more manageable bubbles to disperse throughout the dashboard.
    • Less important moments have smaller tables and or less detail. Adding details (or more word bubbles) slows down time. More drawn detail also creates a concentration of values ​​(it’s darker and sometimes comes together into a shape or volume)
    • Know your light sources. Black control. Control values.
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    TIPS | THE COFFEE? : 3 | dA | IG | | ❤ | (more to be released 11/22/2016) Read more: How to make money mafia 3

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