Guide on Defeating Councilor Vay Hek in 2021

Video How to beat councilor borrow hek(Vay Hek appears when meeting in the quest)Read: How to Defeat Borrow Councilor HekVay Hek is a Grineer boss you encounter in the Oro mission on Earth, he’s a deadly foe that’s undergone multiple surgeries to customize his body for battle. Lots of Warframes can be used to defeat Vay Hek as it’s really easy to defeat him with a bit of precision and a well-structured weapon. appropriate type of damage against him.



(Oro’s Mission on Earth)GDVH-2Vay Hek can be fought in the Oro mission on earth.

Special Rewards

(Hydroid parts are obtained in the form quest)GDVH-3Upon successful defeat of Vay Hek, you will receive a random portion used to craft Hydroid. Vay Hek has a chance to reward the following Hydroids:Hydroid psychoactive drugs: 38.72%Hydroid Chassis: 38.72%Hydroid system: 22.56%

How to kill Vay Hek?

The Chase

(Vay Hek met during the mission)GDVH-4When the mission begins, you will face Vay Hek and he will start taunting you and try to lure you to follow him to be ambushed by the enemy Grineer.(Frost Prime chases Vay Hek)GDVH-5Keep tracking him and kill any enemies that stand in your way if necessary and Vay Hek will attempt to attack you in three different areas.(Vay Hek with glowing weak point)GDVH-6In each area Vay Hek tries to attack you, a weak spot on his back will start to glow and once you hit this spot and deal a significant amount of damage, he will flee to the area. next area. It is also a weak point. This will happen for three areas and will have Grineer troops present attacking you.(Frost Prime approaches the final combat zone)GDVH-7After the third encounter, you will begin to advance to the final area, where you will face Vay Hek in a closed area.

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State 1

(Frost Prime is attractive Vay Hek)GDVH-8Once you go into the final area, Vay Hek will continue to attack you but this time he will have nowhere to run away and you have to keep damaging him until he gets some great damage. for the glowing weak spot on his back or face when uncovered. While he is broadcasting, his mask will open and this will be another weak spot for you to shoot at.Stage 1 enemyIn addition to the Grineer army supporting him, Vay Hek will personally be there to attack you in his drone form.

VayHek (Unmanned aerial vehicle)

Read more: Precum 101: The ultimate guide to pre-ejaculate and everything you need to know about it(Vay Hek shows vulnerability)GDVH-9VayHek will attack you in the first form, which is his drone body, where he will attempt to shoot you with a machine gun, dealing with attacks that can disrupt the HUD’s interface. you and more. Using dodge and bullet jump will be a very important move when facing him. With low health left, Vay Hek will try to drain the life of one of the nearby Grineer troops, to avoid this you need to kill the enemy Grineer he is aiming for to destroy the life.

Phase 2

Vay Hek will have his mechanical body called down and will connect to it and he will begin to attack you with a range of different attacks.

VayHek (Mech Form)

(Van Hek in mech form)GDVH-10Vay Hek will attack you in a variety of ways during this late phase and all you need to do is dodge when necessary and deal as much damage to him as you can.

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(Vay Hek is defeated)GDVH-11Remember to bring a weapon that you can correctly use for earlier parts of the mission and make sure it can deal a significant amount of damage. Grineer is weak on corrosion and this will be a good choice against Vay Hek when dealing a large amount of damage.P puncture and Toxin will also deal extra damage but for best results stickiness Corrosion will help the task more efficient.(Oro quest results)GDVH-12After you defeat Vay Hek’s mechanical body, he will run away and upon completing the mission you will be rewarded with a random Hydroid. quite easy to kill as he is very vulnerable. Read more: How to be a woman

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