Video Tutorial to play meepo It seems that our readers are quite skillful players. Otherwise, it’s hard to explain why so many people want to see a tutorial for Meepo, especially right after the Invoker tutorial. However, you asked – we delivered. Welcome – midlane tutorial Meepo.Meepo is one of the worst and strongest end pick hero in Dota 2. If you want to learn how to play this hero, you need to have good micro skills and good map awareness. However, you should not be afraid. The game of heroes is very simple. Once you learn it, you will be able to dominate your games without any problems. Read: how to play meepoFor an easier time choosing the correct skills and items, be sure to subscribe to topqa.info’s in-game guide

Table of contents


  • Roles in the game
  • Capacity
  • items
  • Setting
  • Gameplay
  • Allies and counters

Roles in the game

Meepo should always have the highest priority in the game. He relies heavily on net worth and experience. This is why it’s best to play Meepo in mid lane, in rare cases, Meepo can also act as a carry. Finish the game quickly. The time to use his power is between 18 minutes and 30 minutes.


  • Earthbind is a powerful AoE root. Since the original mechanic has been buffed in multiple patches, this spell is now super good for keeping targets in place and even canceling their teleport. With the help of a level 20 talent, Earthbind allows Meepo to permanently hold any desired target.
  • Poof is a powerful farming and moving tool. This spell is great for securing final hits in fast lanes and jungles. You can use Poof to teleport one Meepo to another or even to create an illusion.
  • Ransack Steal health from the unit you attack and restore it to all Meepos. This skill allows Meepo to recover HP while farming and improves his survivability in battles.
  • We stand apart is Meepo’s key ability. With each level of this spell, Meepo spawns an additional clone. You can also improve this ability with the help of Aghanim’s Scepter, as it will add another clone.
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Meepo is a hero who relies heavily on agility and strength. All your items, with very few exceptions, should be focused on giving you extra stats. Circlet, two sandals of agility, an elf flame, and an iron branch. Remember to ask your teammates to share two tangos with you. Read more: how to crash with a denim jacket In the early game, use previously purchased items to complete three Wraith Bands, tracking them down with Power Treads.Ethereal Blade and Eye of Skadi are your best items for the mid game. They provide a lot of stats, improving your survivability and killing ability.MeepoAt the end of the game, make yourself a Silver edge for a chance to do single kills and then track it down with the Scythe of Vyse, serving the same purpose.Scythe of Vyse is the item you should get when fighting powerful counterattackers, such as Earthshaker or Winter Wyvern. If you defeat them with the help of Hex at the beginning of the fight, you will easily win the fight.Heaven’s Halberd – works well against heroes with a lot of physical damage, such as Ursa or Monkey King.Dragon Lance – a great choice for early game to improve your stats. It provides 12 power and 12 agility, which will make you play much stronger in early game skirmishes.Knife – Blink’s only downside is that this item doesn’t give any stats. This item is great for experienced Meepo players, as they absolutely know how to take advantage of it.topqa.info DIRECTIONS: Meepo

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Before we move on to the gameplay, let’s move on to the settings and set up some hotkeys to make playing Meepo simpler. You will need hotkeys for ‘Select all controlled units’ and ‘Select all other units’. Make sure you have the binding key for ‘Next Unit’ and you’re good to go. It is recommended to use the Fast Cast feature when playing Meepo. It will greatly reduce the time you have to spend using his spells.


Meepo’s gameplay is actually quite simple. To be able to win the game you don’t even need to win lane or do any ganks. All you have to do is go jungle quickly to farm until you get your important items and then rally with your teammates to finish the game. Is this simple? You’d be surprised, but that’s the basic scenario for most of Meepo topqa.infot’s first, mid laner game that starts with a creep block. Meepo relies heavily on good creep blocking, as he is very vulnerable in the early levels. Try your best to effectively block creeps to defend level 4 faster. Once you get to level 4, the real Meepo game begins. Start pushing mid with the help of two Poofs and then immediately move to the jungle to increase your farm score by farming neutral camps. That way, you can significantly outperform and outmaneuver your opponent.topqa.info DIRECTIONS: MeepoYour next mission is to get yourself an Ethereal Blade. After receiving this item, you can start actively moving around the map and participating in battles. E. Blade is suitable for killing, finishing low HP targets or saving one of your Meepos from the enemy team’s sights.Roshan is your main goal at any point in the game. Aegis of the Immortal makes Meepo 5 times stronger. This extra life will help you take down all the outer turrets of the opposing team, ensure a territorial advantage, and play very aggressively in skirmishes. Get level 4 > start farming neutrals > buy Ethereal Blade > kill Roshan > destroy all enemy outer towers > buy Eye of Skadi > end game.

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Allies and counters

  • Meepo can greatly benefit from playing with heroes who can provide starter items and build up team combat. Many foreign troops, such as Omniknight, Legion Commander, Beastmaster and many others work excellently when combined with Meepo.
  • The biggest counters for Meepo are heroes that can dominate him in lane or deal a lot of AoE damage in teamfights. The most notable stalls are Monkey King, Huskar, Shadow Fiend, Winter Wyvern, Elder Titan, and Earthshaker.

topqa.info DIRECTIONS: MeepoGOSU.AIRead more: how to form an alumni association

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