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Our guide today is about one of Dota 2’s hardest, respectable and iconic heroes – Invoker. Players who like to play this hero are considered very skilled, as the hero has a total of 10 spells that you have to cast in battles, but back in Dota 1 day Invoker has more spells a little… 27.We hope our guide will help you get to know heroes better and understand heroes’ weaknesses and strengths.

Exort Invoker


Wex Invoker

Table of contents

  • Roles in the game
  • Capacity
  • items
  • Gameplay
  • Allies and counters

Roles in the game

Thanks to various spells, Invoker is actually quite a versatile hero. His main role is as a mid laner, but he can also be played as a wanderer or even a hard support. Exort Invoker’s job is to provide damage, while Wex Invoker’s is more focused on ganking and disabling his opponents.


  • Cold Snap based on Quas. Cold Snap freezes enemies on cast and then every time you deal any damage to the target. The cooldown during the freeze period decreases with Quas level, which can help you prevent enemy champions from using their defensive spells, such as Blink.
  • EMP Wex-based. The spell burns the enemy champion’s mana and restores half to the Invoker. The more points you have in Wex, the more mana you consume.
  • Sun Strike based on Exort. The skill deals pure damage in a small AoE and works globally. This makes Invoker safe to kill all over the map. Sun Strike can be improved by Aghanim’s Scepter and transformed into another ability – Cataclysm. Cataclysm deals two Sun Strikes to all enemy champions on the map.
  • Ghost Walk based on Quas and Wex. This skill grants Invoker extra movement speed and slows all enemies around Invoker. Enemy slows are based on Quas, while own rewards are based on Wex. This spell is good for both defense and attack. If you play Wex Invoker, you can start using this spell pretty early in the game to move around the map faster.
  • Tornado based on Wex and Quas. The skill creates a tornado, moving in one direction, lifting and damaging all targets. This is an important skill for Invoker, as it allows him to establish synergies with many other spells.
  • Mental training based on Exort and Quas. It summons a unit, dealing relative damage and reducing the attacked unit’s armor by 1 after each hit. Forge Spirit is great for securing the very important last hits in the laning phase.
  • Stone wall based on Quas and Exort. The spell creates a wall in front of the Invoker. The wall causes a frenzied slow, and also deals damage to affected targets.
  • Alacrity based on Wex and Exort. It increases attack speed and damage. It works on allied heroes and units. This spell is great for securing final hits in lane and early kills. You can use it on Siege Creep or Necronomicon units to greatly increase your team’s push potential.
  • Chaos Meteor based on Exort and Wex. The skill deals a lot of magic damage in decent AoE. Spells work best when combined with Cold Snap and Deafening Blast.
  • Deafening Blast (QWE) based on all three aspects of Invoker. It disarms all enemies in its path and deals a fair amount of damage to them. You can improve this ability with the help of a level 25 talent.
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Invoker Exort


Invoker Wex



Invoker’s item construction changes depending on how his skills are built, however, the original items remain the same. Just like any other smart ranged hero, Invoker should get himself a Circlet, two Mantles of Intelligence, Iron Branch and Faerie Fire. Make sure to ask your teammates to share two Tango with you. Read more: how to clean a down jacketIn the first game Most of the items you will receive are the same for both builds. Both Exort and Wex Invokers should buy two Null Talismans and Magic Wand. These items help improve stats and survivability. The difference is that Exort Invoker should use Power Treads, while Wex Invoker is better with Phase Boots. The reason behind this is that Exort Invoker lacks attack speed, this is why he finds Power Treads more appealing. Exort Invoker will have an Orchid Malevolence and Black King Bar, while Wex Invoker will benefit more with Spirit Vessel, Medalion of Courage and Force Staff.In the late game, Exort Invoker should finish Bloodthorn and follow it with Octarine Core, Scythe of Vyse and Assault Cuirass, with Shiva’s Guard being a good alternative. The Wex Invoker needs to complete the Solar Crest and track it down with the Scythe of Vyse and Shiva’s Guard. Usually, by the time you get these items, the game is over.

Invoker Exort


Invoker Wex

topqa.info DIRECTIONS: Invoker


Although the builds of Exort and Wex are very different, the gameplay of both these builds is actually quite similar. Exort Invoker is definitely stronger in lane but takes more time to get online. On the other hand, Wex Invoker can start ganking pretty early in the game.Let’s break down both builds one by one.So as we mentioned, Exort Invoker extremely powerful in lane. With the help of Forge Spirit and later Alacrity, he was able to secure a lot of last hits and rejections. His greatest strength is that he can help his teammates across the map with the help of Sun Strike while staying in his lane. possible to reduce the process of last-hit creep. Pay attention to the minimap and help your teammates kill safely with Sun Strike. Target uses Sun Strike for the enemy champion’s final hit. Since Sun Strike consumes a lot of mana, it might not be beneficial for Invoker to use it regularly, especially if he can’t destroy it.Level 6 is your first power spike. At level 6 you will get a point in Wex and open the door to use Chaos Meteor and Tornado.Play around the time of Siege Creeps. Use Alacrity on Siege Creep to take down enemy towers quickly. Be active. The days of passive farming The invaders are gone. Even with the Exort build, the hero can still play very aggressively and make a lot of impact in early and mid-game skirmishes.topqa.info DIRECTIONS: InvokerWex Invoker, opposite Exort, not as strong as in lane. He lacks damage, which can lead to a loss in the laning phase. Another disadvantage of Wex Invoker is the inability to farm fast. The hero relies heavily on successful ganking. But once the hero is hit multiple times on the Urn of Shadows, he can become completely unstoppable. Thanks to Ghost Walk, Invoker is very mobile. He can move around the map quickly and create plenty of space for the rest of his teammates. Start actively casting this spell early in the laning phase to make sure to last hit ranged creeps. Once you hit three in Wex, you can start using it in conjunction with EMP to burn off your opponent’s energy. Ghost Walk is your 4th priority spell, as it allows you to quickly move around the map and escape in critical situations.

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Allies and counters

Exort Invoker great when paired with heroes who can lock down opponents to Sun Strike or Cataclysm. Heroes, such as Beastmaster, Faceless, Bane and many others with the ability to keep the target in place works great with Invoker.Wex Invoker the creator of space. He works best with strong carries late in the game, can use space to farm, and gets to the late game with lots of items. The Phantom, Medusa and the Alchemist are excellent examples of such actions. Faceless Void, like time dilation can completely ruin the gameplay of Invoker.topqa.info DIRECTIONS: InvokerGOSU.AIRead more: how to label x and y axis in excel mac

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