Golden gaytime ice cream usa

Golden gaytime ice cream usa video In case you love all kinds of snacks, there’s no higher place than in the US. The group has revealed some snacks from abroad that are not popular in the US.1. Golden Gaytime, Australia. This standard ice cream bar is a product of toffee and vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and wrapped in honeycomb cookies. User Redditor1811 called it “one of the best ice cream you can buy in Australia.” 2. Tea Pack-Kats inexperienced, Japan. “The only thing that can be redeemed is that they can be ordered on Amazon,” said consumer HidesInTowers. “Japan is really having something with that kind of thing.”3. Crispy M&M’s, Europe.Read more: Naked man eats ice cream These scrumptious treats have been discontinued in the US “I get a few bags from my dad every time he goes on a business trip to Europe,” says TraumaBunny.4. Doner Kababs, Turkey. The omar_strollin pointed out that this barbecue will not be a skewer of meat and vegetables. It’s a sandwich served on flatbread with roasted meat (usually lamb), cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and peppers.5. Tim Tams, Australia. Tim Tams are chocolate malt cookies topped with chocolate cream and topped with a chocolate coating. They are usually served with espresso or tea.6. Orange Soda Spezi, Germany. ProfBatman writes: “It tastes a lot like real oranges, followed by sweetened orange sodas in the US. “Tastes more artificial than Orangina, but less artificial than Sunkist.”7. Black Currant Fanta, UK. “If you’re American and haven’t tried it, imagine drinking a Blue Tootsie Pop (no middle),” says TheRedTornado.8. Kapsalon, Netherlands. This Dutch meal staple consists of french fries, topped with gyros, then grilled with a layer of gouda cheese. Then the concoction is covered in salad greens. Its name means “hair salon” because the inventor of the dish owns one, in keeping with the dwerg85. 9. Callalo Soup, Caribbean. The soup is made from Dasheen leaves, garlic, onions, peppers, okra and especially coconut milk. “You cannot buy dasheen leaves in the US,” ConstentlySlippery wrote. “I tried it with spinach but it’s not the same.” 10. Chili Fries, Europe. “The barbecue is not the same!” write killahbabekiss.11. Erdnuss Schokolade, Germany. These sugar-coated chocolate candies are “1000 times better like M&M,” writes berline-call.12. McAloo Tiki Burgers, India. This meatless burger is made with potatoes, chickpeas, and bread.

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