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Like all boss battles in Breath of the Wild, Fireblight Ganon splits his attacks into two phases – once his health is above 50 percent, once it is below.Fireblight Ganon Stage 1The secret to defeat Fireblight Ganon is approaching. Underneath, he doesn’t have much attack or defense to mount. do. If he’s throwing fireballs, run behind the tower to hide.Fireblight Ganon Stage 2Read more: How to get rid of mice in a mobile home Fireblight Ganon’s second stage is mostly about him hanging out above you, throwing a big one fire ballIf you follow our instructions above, you will have a ice arrow when ready (from the treasure chest inside Divine Beast Vah Rudania). One shot with them will destroy the fireball. If you don’t have any ice arrows, just hide behind large objects to avoid being hit. Do not attempt to attack when he is surrounded by a yellow orb. Nothing will get past him. Except …To create his fireball, Fireblight Ganon sucks everything around him. This is the key to breaking the attack. Toss one remote bomb his way, and detonate it. That would break his shield and make him vulnerable. He still has some of his previous attacks (enhanced by flames on the ground), and the safest bet is to avoid them, block them, and whenever the opportunity arises, find his way. You are below him where he is most vulnerable, and you can best attack him. Hit him enough, and he’ll fall to the ground. This is your chance to unleash every attack you have.

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Complete the main quest of the Beast Vah Rudania

Defeat Fireblight Ganonand you will get a heart box. You will also receive Protect Darukthis will “automatically protect you from all manner of attacks as long as you are holding ZL.” After a cutscene, you will be faced with Goron City. You have to talk to Bludo to complete Vah Rudania Divine Beast Quest. On your way you will meet Yunobo for no particularly good reason. Just go straight ahead and talk to the head. Bludo’s house (behind him), and open a treasure chest there for Boulder Breakera powerful two-handed weapon. Read more: how to sidechain in professional tools

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