FFXIV MGP Farming [2021 Guide]

Gil is one of the easiest currencies to farm in FFXIV and to be honest with it being so easy you would assume that MGP would be a bit easier to farm. Do the right things to get it. Read: how to farm mgp While there are several ways you can get MGP, including games at Gold Saucer, Triple Triad Matches and various GATEs, some of them will give you highs more productive and some of them will be less enjoyable than others. Here are the best ways to collect MGP.



By far one of the best ways to optimize your FFXIV playtime is to log your weekly challenges. Gold Saucer challenge logs are some of them giving much higher MGP yield than others. The Gold Saucer related challenge log is as follows. I’ve marked the ones I complete weekly with two asterisks, and the ones I complete when I have time with one:**Complete 3 mini games (1,000 MGP)** Earn 100 MGP from Mini-Games (1,500 MGP)* Join 5 GATE (5,000 MGP)* Successfully completed 3 GATE (8,000 MGP)* Enter 3 Chocobo races (5,000 MGP)* Enter 20 Chocobo races (8,000 MGP)** Play Triple Triad 10 times (5,000 MGP)** Win 10 trio matches (8,000 MGP)Play 5 trilogy matches in Battlehall (2,500 MGP)Win 3 trio matches in Battlehall (3,000 MGP)** Play Lord of Verminion 1 time (5,000 MGP)** Play Lord of Verminion 3 times (10,000 MGP)** Play Lord of Verminion 5 times (12,000 MGP)Take part in 2 Doman Mahjong player matches (5,000 MGP) NOTE: The total amount of MGP you can get in a week from the weekly challenge log is 79,000 MGP. If you do the bare minimum and lose everything, you can get around 55,000 MGP. As you can see, the majority of the challenges I choose to complete are challenges that don’t require me to play the game with other players or need to be playing the game at a particular time. Personally, I do a lot of my MGP challenge logs while watching Netflix on a second monitor or while getting some work done. I’ll cover the best ways to complete these challenge logs in their topic-specific sections.


Jumbo Cactpot is something you absolutely never want to miss, it is the most mindless way to earn a decent amount of MGP every week. You can buy up to 3 tickets a week for 100 MGP (increase by 50 for each ticket) and tickets will be withdrawn every Saturday at 2pm Earth Time. The lowest yield for Jumbo Cactpot is 1,000 MGP, however, the reward ratio is based on the number of tickets purchased. of the tickets purchased that week, you should still buy tickets just to have a stable passive income MGP.fashion report ffxiv black mage blm


The Fashion Report is part of the Golden Disc that I totally didn’t know in months of playing the game Read More: how to teleport fossil island First, when my partner told me about it, I was threatened by this guy and thought I would have to spend a lot of Gil in exchange for MGP, however, this is the furthest from the truth. The Fashion Report allows you to search for glamorous pieces that fit into different categories like “Do Rats Fly” mentioning “Sky Rat Glamor Outfits” or “Fringe Benefits” mentions sexy outfits with Tassels There’s a lovely player on Reddit named Kaiyoko who posts tutorials about it every week They’re super, super cool Thanks Kaiyoko for doing it <3 Reason The only reason for you to want to score 100 in your Fashion Report is if you want the title of “Fashion Leader” which you will only get once, and only need to reach 80 years old every week. I did in high school…) If you're worried that you didn't do everything right, don't worry!You can be judged four times by Masked Roses and you will get the reward you did! The MGP bonus for Fashion Report is 60,000 MGP, but that can be increased with the Gold Disc VIP Card (which I'll talk about below) or the FC Gold Saucer MPG Boost.mini lottery ticket

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Mini Cactpot costs 10 MGP to enter and will give you a 3 x 3 square with a revealed number. You will have the opportunity to reveal three other numbers to help you choose which line you will scratch. then get a reward based on the sum of all the numbers in the row you selected. 36 MGP and the highest is 10,000. I usually get a bonus of 360-3,600 every day without using the solver. favorite Mini Cactpot Solver.You can join Mini Cactpot 3 times per day.lord of verminion


I know many of you are shocked that I even put this on the list, but let me be clear. in learning a little game that people don’t actually play. That is, even if you don’t want to spend time invested in learning the game, you can complete Phase 2: Hatch a plan in less than 2 minutes to get a weekly challenge log. perform. So, what does that mean? In less than 10 minutes you will be able to receive a minimum of 27,000 MGP every week from your challenge log. If your FC gets an MGP boost you can also get a 10% boost for this. NOTE: I would never grind MGP from Lord of Verminion as it will require you to complete new quests or fight other players… total… MMO who?


GATE is the equivalent of the Mario Party minigames in Final Fantasy. every 20 minutes in Gold Saucer and usually takes a few minutes to complete. GATE includes:Cliffhanger // 3000 MGPAir Force // 4000 MGPleap of faith // 4000 MGPWhich way does the wind blow // 7500 MGPSlice is true // 5000 MGP Personally I don’t care what GATEs I join and usually wait for them while I’m working on my computer. I usually get as much done as I can, but as mentioned, I’m not really trying to do GATE, although it’s a pretty worthwhile way to make some good MGP. Read more: fallout 76 hat creation Although the highest reward for GATE is quite high, some GATEs require much higher skill than others. a great in-depth guide that talks about all the GATEs and what is the skill level required for each.

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trio match


I won’t say I’m the best Triple Triad player, but I do complete my weekly challenge log for the Triple Triad every week. 13,000 MGPbut if you get into tournaments, you’ll bring that up 18,500 MGPPersonally, I just do single Trio matches and try to do them on NPCs I’ve never beaten before to get more cards. You don’t need to do this and can be easily crushed Jonas of the Tree Spades in the Gold Saucer for the weekly challenge log. Some players have been known to earn large amounts of MGP by religiously playing Triple Triad Matches. Honestly, the game is so fun, I don’t think I’ll be playing it competitively any time soon.

on a golden plate


One of my favorite things about FFXIV is the fact that there is a lot of sideline content that you can participate in while you wait for the queue to appear. Other tasks can include collecting, crafting, doing FATE or just dance around your FC like My whole family too. Currently, there are only two minigames that I find worthwhile in both Gold Saucer and they can be found in Minion Square. These games are Out on a Limb and The Finer Mineralthough I personally like Out on a Limb. I’d say 80% of the time I can get 400 MGP from Out on a Limbalthough I don’t know how good I really am at the game because all I have to compare myself to is my n00b sister.


Surprisingly, Chocobo races are fun, but they are very slow on some servers. I used to have a great Chocobo, although I stupidly abandoned it so I could try to get a better breed, its one is a POS, To be honest, I don’t currently play a lot of races because I have a crazy Chocobo, but I can’t deny that I made stacks on stacks to get to the front and always be able to finish my challenge log. , shoot it at least once. If you don’t like it, move on, if you like… welcome to my new crack!


The Gold Saucer VIP Card is a consumable item that gives players 2 hours of buffs to increase the amount of MGP you get from various tournaments (including games against NPCs), Chocobo races, Mini Games, GATES, Mini Cacptpot and Jumbo Cactpot. One thing the Gold Disc VIP Card doesn’t include is the Challenge Log. The Golden Disc VIP card can be obtained from squadron missions.FFXIV MGP Farming [2021 Guide]

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If the player gets into a bit of RNG and dungeons or a grinding test, the player can pick up their Magic Tail from Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire (x 5.7, y 6.1). The Violin can be unlocked at level 60 and will provide the player with a series of Dungeons or Random Challenges that they must complete in order to collect the seals in what I like to call “tic-” fashion. tac-toe”. Players will only need to collect 9 seals to complete their diary. Players will want to arrange the 4 seals by placing them diagonally, horizontally or vertically. sealing position, although players have the option to “Shuffle” the positions of all their seals when they have between 3-7 seals, although this will cost them 2 points for each shuffle mix. 7 in order to make sure they have completed at least one or two rows, if not in a good enough seal position to be able to complete two or three rows. , although this may seem like a difficult way to collect points, it is quite easy to collect “Second Chance points”, especially if the player uses the Quest Finder to find Trials or Dungeons that they need to complete. In most cases, the player can complete at least one sealing line without difficulty.


1 MGP Gold Card is equivalent to 30,000 MGP


2 MGP Platinum card equivalent to 100,000 MGP


Platinum card 20 MGP equivalent to 1,000,000 MGP


At the end of the day, if you want to do the absolute bare minimum to grind MGP, I would at least do the Jumbo Cactpot, Fashion Review, and Verminion Challenge Diary. Just these three ways can give you a healthy weekly dose of MGP. .When you’re ready to go into MGP races, make sure they align with your weekly challenge log as that will also give you a nice little boost to your MGP. how to get MGP? What are you hoping to spend it on? Let me know in the comments section below! Read more: how to remove tree sap from car windshields

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