Europa Universalis 4: How to Embrace the Renaissance

What do you like most about Europa Universalis 4? For many players, the fun comes from adding a “what if?” factors to historical events. While your actions can greatly influence events around you, true success involves understanding history and making it work in your favor. In the real world, the Renaissance was a cultural revolution that dominated the second half of an entire millennium. In EU4, capturing the spreading Renaissance is one of the best ways to strengthen your empire. With our comprehensive guide, you’ll quickly become part of the cultural revolution.

How to embrace institutions


We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you grasp the Renaissance. First, however, we need to learn about the different institutions and what they really mean. In the EU4, “institutions” represent major cultural advances. There are eight different organizations, and they usually take place every 50 years from 1450 to 1750. The chances are relatively low that a particular organization will spawn in one of your provinces. If that doesn’t happen, you have to wait for that organization to spread and then grab it when you get the chance. Conversely, non-acceptance of the organization can result in a 1% technology penalty per year (for a maximum penalty of 50% technology). By embracing the Renaissance, you can reduce construction and development costs by 5%. If the Renaissance begins in your province, you will automatically receive a 5% discount on development costs.

Where did the Renaissance begin?

Italy: not just for pizzaWhere did the Renaissance begin in EU4? If you’re a history student, it’s no surprise that it always happens somewhere in Italy. In fact, the only Italian region where it cannot appear is in Malta. Read more: how to get beacons in hypixel skyblock Other requirements include the following: the Renaissance will begin in a state, but not an island. Furthermore, if you’re playing the game with normal or historical countries, the Renaissance will only happen in one capital or one region with at least 20 developments. Exactly where it starts will affect how quickly you can catch it and how much it will cost you.

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How it spreads?

Let's spread the love!As we said before, there is a small chance that Renaissance will explode in your province (provided you meet the above criteria and are very lucky). If not, you need to wait for the Renaissance to start spreading. Like many other elements of the game, the spread of this institution is determined by any number of factors. Similarly, it can spread when the owner of a Non-Commercial Company area embraces the Renaissance. It can naturally spread to the provinces of Flanders, Tuscany or Venetia. In addition, it can spread to neighboring provinces. In the European provinces where at least five developed after 1500, the Renaissance could be widespread. You can slightly increase the rate of spread by developing more such provinces.

Elements of feudalism

Feudal War!When it comes to capturing an institution, there are many complicating factors. Fortunately, some of the requirements are simpler than others, such as that you cannot grasp the Renaissance if you have not yet accepted Feudalism. If you’re playing a game hoping to capture the Renaissance, make sure to capture Feudalism as early as possible.

Basics of the application of the Renaissance

Back to basicsWe discussed the many factors involved in the spread of the Renaissance. However, how do you really grasp this facility when the time comes? It all starts with the technology menu. By clicking on that menu, you can monitor different organizations and analyze exactly how they are spreading. When at least 10% of countries have accepted it, you can accept this organization. If the country of entry has accepted it, then applying the organization costs only one coin. With that said, there are benefits to catching up sooner rather than later, despite the higher cost.

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Play nice with the neighbors

Hello NeighborsThis may go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: if you want to benefit from an organization’s spread, you’ll need to play well with your neighbors. The institution will move from one area to another over time. As long as you have good relations with your neighbors, you can improve the accessibility of that institution to your country.

The benefits of early hugs

Organizations with interestsIn terms of saving money, nothing is cheaper than waiting for your whole country to embrace the Renaissance. However, there are many benefits to accepting this organization as early as possible. First, you’ll avoid the tech penalty we mentioned. It doesn’t make sense to try to save money for the future by losing sight of current and current technological developments. Second, you get faster access to the resource bonuses we mentioned. The 5% reduction in construction and development costs will save you a lot of resources. You would likely go ahead with such savings instead of waiting for 100% of your country to adopt the Renaissance. Finally, early adoption helps you accelerate other expansion plans. If we’re being honest, most players would rather save a bit of time on their “big picture” plans than save a bit of virtual money.

How to Embrace the Renaissance: What’s Next?

Now you know how to capture the Renaissance in Europa Universalis IV. But are you ready for a real challenge? One of the biggest achievements in this game is joining the Holy Roman Empire. If you’re ready to be a Roman, check out our guide to joining the HRE. Read more: how to get a stubborn ex back

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