EASY Motorcycle Stunts Everyone Can Do

Motorcycles are a fun way to get yourself from point A to point B. Gaining control of a two-wheeler is something everyone wants and dreams of. These easy motorcycle tricks can put you at the top of the list of celebrities in your circle of friends. While stunts on public roads are absolutely NO, practicing and performing such reckless actions in a controlled situation can also attract a large fan following.We bring you some easy stunts that can be done on medium power motocross and can launch rockets to your skill set and motocross popularity. But make sure you are wearing all safety equipment when performing or practicing any stunt as losing control while performing these stunts can lead to serious injury. Always make sure to wear a helmet, gloves, ankle support shoes, and elbow and knee protection.



EASY motorcycle stunts that anyone can do This is one of the easiest stunts you can do with a motorcycle. Pump Wheelies can be done with any type of motorcycle without much effort but for a power wheelie you will need a powerful motorcycle. Pumping gear can be performed while driving the motorcycle in first gear at speeds below 20 km/h. Depress the front brake hard and release the brake suddenly. While the front shock absorber is on, you need to accelerate quickly while pulling the handlebar up. It may take a few tries but eventually the wheel will go up in the air.EASY motorcycle stunts that anyone can doRead more: how to split screen pixels 2What could go wrong? Accelerating too quickly can cause the front wheel to rise too high and the motorcycle can tip over the rider causing serious harm. Equip the rear brake so you can use it if needed when the front wheel is up high in the air. This is called rolling and requires some serious skill.

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EASY motorcycle stunts that anyone can do This can be done with motorcycles with front disc brakes. If the motorcycle has ABS and doesn’t have the option to turn it off, you won’t be able to perform this move. It is possible to practice Stoppie when running at a slow speed of about 20-25 km / h. A sudden jam in the front brake will send the rear tire into the air. Changes in body weight are an important part of stunting. The weight should be placed entirely on the front wheel. You can eventually increase the speed so that the rear wheel has more height.What could go wrong? Excessive braking can cause the motorcycle in front to overturn completely. There are cases where the rider lost his balance while performing the action and the motorcycle fell sideways. Sometimes, the front fork also bears the weight and breaks.

Rolling Stoppie

EASY motorcycle stunts that anyone can do This is an advanced version of stoppie and requires excellent motor control. Roll break occurs when you take a peg and hold it for a few meters. When the stop is reached, release the front brake slightly to get the motorcycle to start moving and then maintain just enough pressure so that the motorcycle also maintains the wheels. Maintain balance for the next few meters.What could go wrong? Driving only the front wheel requires great concentration and control. A slight change in body weight can knock you down in a flash.


Read more: SLAW.meEASY motorcycle stunts that anyone can doYou can pass any motorcycle with a good front brake. If the brakes aren’t good enough, prepare yourself with a support like a wall. While holding the front brake as tight as possible, use the throttle and clutch so that the rear tire begins to slide off the ground. The burning produces a lot of smoke creating a dramatic scenario.What could go wrong? Burnout puts a lot of pressure on the engine, front brake and clutch. All of these can wear out quickly if too many burns are done. If you somehow lose the front brake, the motorcycle could shoot and hit something ahead.

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EASY motorcycle stunts that anyone can do This is a burnout with the next level of skill set. It is possible to do donuts while burning and slowly slide the motorcycle so that the rear wheel forms a complete circle. It can be done in two ways, one by keeping one of your feet on the ground and walking around it. Another way is quite difficult when you actually stand on the motorbike while controlling the throttle so that the rear tire rotates continuously and you form a circle. This can take years of practice but is one of the favorite stunts used by professional stuntmen all over the world. Donuts can be very appealing to onlookers and also leave an impression of your presence at the venue.What could go wrong? Well, almost everything. If the rear tire slips too much, the motorcycle may skid and you may lose all control. hilarious-bike-stunt-fail / Read more: how to hide gopro in the bathroom

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