Dyeing Blonde Doll Hair (How To?)

Video Tutorial on How to Dye Dolls Hair So in typical Saturday night fashion, I’m sitting at home watching a movie and dyeing my doll’s hair. And question my life choices, but that’s another blog post. But I came across it by chance and decided to give it a try today because I’ve FAR too many dolls with blonde hair (like, five, but that’s too many). I have a tutorial on this, HERE. After I do that, I have this:She’s Bratz, if you can’t tell, and that’s probably all you need to know. hair, but I thought I’d like to see how it works. I used craft acrylic paint, which isn’t the best for these. In fact, it’s pretty much the worst for this kind of thing, but we start…IMG_3767Read more: How to Reheat Risotto – Four Methods You’ll Want to Use I mixed nickel’s worth of acrylic paint with about 3 ounces of water. That’s about half an ounce of paint with 3 ounces of water? Then I took a paintbrush and painted a paint/water mixture on my hair. I don’t paint all my hair because I’m going to create an ombre effect, which doesn’t work at all In the end it doesn’t solve anything and I still can’t figure out why, then I let my hair dry. To keep the paint from drying out and flaking off, I brush my hair about every hour or so. The brushing ends up transferring the paint from the ends of her hair to the roots, so by the end of the process, her hair is almost completely pink.Hair BEFORE the paint mixture has been washed.Hair BEFORE the paint mixture has been washed. That photo shows the hair before the paint mixture is washed off.THINGS I LEARNED NOT TO BE COMBINED: Do not dry the hair at any point. As soon as I finished, I dried and the paint just really peeled off and was very difficult to wash off.After washing off the paint mixture.After rinsing off the paint mixture, a lot of the pigment was washed out, as you can see. It was to be expected though, so I wasn’t too disappointed, as I was really hoping for an ombre effect, I did the whole process over the bottom two inches of my hair, hoping it would work. Absorb more pigment. How to ask a soccer player to go home After repeating the process I got the following result:After dying for the second time.After dying the second time, not much improvement. My best guess is that the porous saran resin has finished absorbing the pigment at this point. I’m sure using proper acrylic paint (as in, not craft paint costs 0.99 cents) will help.THINGS I CHANGED FOR THE SECOND TIME: I added some white vinegar to the paint mixture a second time and applied it only to the bottom two inches of the doll’s hair. Vinegar can often act as a binder between dyes and the surface to which they are applied: I always use a little vinegar when I dye fabrics and you must have added vinegar to your holiday egg dye kit for the holidays. Easter. Not sure how successful it was here. It would probably be more efficient if I used it the first time instead of just the second. I’ve got a nice pastel pink, though, so this girl is going to be some sort of character rather than maybe having light pink hair. Halloween is sure to be an inspiration.Blog_FB-008SOME TIME SAVING TIPS:

  • You may not have to wait for the paint mixture to dry completely. I haven’t tested this, but I have a feeling complete drying is unnecessary as…
  • The time the pigment stays in the hair doesn’t seem to make the color darker. As you know, I tried to create an ombre effect. Although all hairs had the paint mixture on them, the ends of the hair were covered with a coat of paint a few hours after the bottoms, which meant that the dye would adhere to the roots in less time. . However, the dyeing job on the roots is just as intense as the dyeing work on the bottom of the hair. Do not know why. Plastic is weird, man.
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On a random note, here’s the clever girl I did today (she doesn’t have her outfit yet, but I find that a face is a good start):IMG_3786I’m a Beloved Doll on Etsy I’m a Beloved Doll on Facebook (when I hit 100 ‘likes’ I’ll give the doll a gift!) Read more: How old do you have to be to buy a lighter

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